Need for new class/classes

Hello everyone,

I have been playing this game for a long time now and I just find myself looking at all the classes available to us now and I feel bored just looking at my screen because I already tried out most of the possible builds with all the existing classes.

Even though the game is not multiplayer based you shouldn’t really be crapping on people who only play with friends or play with friends 90% of the time.

That being said I would like a Support focused class, even if it’s just a class you take out when you play with your friends since it wouldn’t be viable in singleplayer it would still be awesome. Or just make a Support class with enough damage abilities/buffs to make it viable in singleplayer. I’m talking about a class with heals, damage buffs, defence buffs, I know a lot of classes have that but I would like one heavily focused on these buffs and heals.

And just create another class to either compliment the Support class or just simply a new class overall, somewhat different from everything else, I really want to get back into this game but I find myself playing this less and less.

Thanks for reading

I know everyone’s already sick and tired of my opinion on this, but I’ll repeat just in case: if there has to be a new class it needs to bring something new to the table - most importantly a playstyle that can’t be achieved with the current state of the art of the game.

I agree with you.

I would be a bit disappointed to get a ‘ranger’ or a ‘necromancer’ as a new class, considering that those playstyles can be (more or less, ok) achieved with the current mastery-combination system.

And I’m pretty sure there are already mods for those if that’s your thing.

That’s why I think a Shapeshifter mastery would be awesome (but that might be my D2 druid nostalgia kicking in again)

Back to the OP, there are a few items that allow you to Heal/Support your party, but they actually are a bit useless, from my experience of them.

Since every one has to build a self-sustainable character, in terms of healing/buffs (Devotions) in order to play ultimate as a single player, truth is :
a random party in a multiplayer game wants either a 4th DPS or a tank that wouldn’t lose the aggro to the squishy caster in charge of debuffs.

But, I think something can be done with a Support-oriented mastery without totally un-balancing the current vanilla-classes.
I could think of a “Party Mirror of Ereoctes” or some totems/banners style of thing…

Anyway, I think the devs have their own ideas/plans, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

I will cross the 3000 hour mark in the game sometime over the weekend.

I’m not anywhere close to having tried “most of the possible builds”. I’ve played more Soldiers than anything else and I don’t think I’ve done with it. (Haven’t done Forcewave with the new Justicar set, for one.)

So I call bullshit on this one.

Play with mods if you want more masteries.

Let’s not get started on this :undecided:

New class(es) will only be coming in the expansion. If you can’t wait that long play another game.


Of course if you wanted to give suggestions for new classes, then carry on.

They have confirmed at least one new class will come out, which seems to be an Aether Gunner based on what they leaked about it.

After that they may make an 8th, but it isn’t 100% confirmed on that, just a “maybe down the line” type of deal.

According to old posts (from memory) in response to people asking about shape-shifting masteries, apparently it isn’t possible with the TQ engine, or at least not in the fashion you are envisioning, D2 style. I believe it was TQ/GD modders (and maybe even Crate) to say such things.

As for if it would be possible for Crate to make it possible, I dunno.

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given that Aether damage and ranged playstyle are the two most lacking elements in GD so far, i support that :slight_smile: a second additional class would be cool ofc, but somewhat it depends of the size of the expansion (if they plan to make a new act each year or something like that, one class could be sufficient i guess)

This is mostly an SP game, no need for a support mastery unless it can hold up well enough on its own with one of the existing masteries.

If you want more of a true support, check out the mod masteries, chances are you will find something.

Grove Keeper in Dawn of Heroes (renamed Priest in DAIL) is certainly the support type of mastery he’s asking for.

Not to toot my own horn, but Nature is quite supportive as well.

Ranged? Lacking? I dunno. Back in february dw sorc/pyro were among the most popular and powerful builds. Mid-march my friend had beaten the hardcore ultimate wearing mostly yellow items with his dw Sorc - something that I’d be happy to achieve this year. Sorc was pretty much an elemental/aether gunner and is still probably a solid build even after fire strike nerfs. Then jajaja discovered Vortex of Souls which gave the new life to ranged primal strike builds, which is - surprise - also aether/lightning. And now rifle witchblades are sort of trending. Maybe there are no mastery obviously supporting ranged, but it’s not the rarest playstyle by far.

Can anybody show information about this?

I haven’t read a damn thing about that so… no idea where he got that info from.

That it is, but some might be turned off by how sparse the GQ masteries seem since they don’t go all the way to 50 with their skills.

You can already make many different support characters now in the Vanilla game. No reason at all to make an entire class a support class. Just like there is no reason at all for them to make a new class full on pets as there are already many options for that. The next class should concentrate on things we don’t actually have alot of options for.

lacking in build choices

First I’ve ever heard about this as well.