Need help: aldanar's vanity panetti's sorcerer

Hey everyone, i recently acquired an aldanar’s vanity on my main and i thought of making a character with it.

I decided on the arcanist+demo combo to abuse blast shield+olexra’s flash freeze+mirror for good defences with aldanar’s. For offence devastation in the arcanist tree is a no brainer, and i went for the pannetti’s replicating missile(prm) line because of it’s great aoe, and well quite frankly mainly because i’m in love with the skill :slight_smile:

I have planned out this build so far for lvl 76, not quite sure what to plan for the remaining 18 points.
Flame touched vs iskandra’s elemental exchange? inner focus, mental alacrity?

I’m typing this out because this is my first post here, and apparently i can’t post links yet :P:

arcanist: 50/50
prm 16/16 distortion 12/12 supercharged 5/12 proliferation 12/12
devastation 16/16
mirror of ereoctes 12/12
maiven’s sphere of protection 12/12
olexra’s flash freeze 12/12 absolute zero 5/12

demolitionist: 32/50
flashbang 1/12 searing light 1/12
canister bomb 1/12 concussive bomb 3/3
blast shield 12/12

Also i really can’t decide what to do with devotion, especially if i should go for aetherfire, elemental storm, or meteor shower on prm. Aside from that all i pretty much know is that i should go for chariot + behemoth for heals, and i have a strong feeling it’s going to be important to get energy and -skill cost because prm eats insane amounts of energy it seems.

Greetings and Thanks in advance