Need Help Build Blademaster 85-100?

Hallo Grim Dawn Players,

I Need some help for my build, I was playing with patch 1.08 i think and was using a Build for a Blademaster after but now i want to lvl him to 100 and need help i think my build is not competetiv anymore. This was my build and it was a lot of fun. [Blademaster Dual Wielding] The war-born Rizzla, Death's Demise Solo Glad Crucible 6th Spawn

I have the Items and think for the progress to 100 its good enough but after this which build should i use is Physical & Internal Trauma with dou wield competetiv?

Sorry for my bad english, hope its understandable thanks.

If its any help, here is my Belgothian BM:

well, Blademaster is more about Pierce so it’s better to focus on it.

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3 fine builds from my community for your reference.

thanks alot for the build that gave sense but only 1 need warcry i was thinking its naccessary for Blademaster becouse -33% life is easy kill?

nah, monster bosses have relevant resistance. It barely / never work on them.

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