Need help for my Witchblade

I need advice from PRO’s around here. My Witchblade needs more DAMAGE to kill Lokkar, Rashalga The Made Queen, and Mogdrogen faster.

Here’s the link to my Build:

I think i need to fix my Skill Tree or Devotions. Please Help. Thank you.

Complete the Markovian set. And use a warborn gavel as weapon. I would also suggest to use Curse of Frailty(10/10) and try to max deadly momentum. You also need more OA. You could use Boneshatter Treads as boots.

I would also suggest to use more offensive devotions.

How to increase more OA? What devotions should i use? I’m still farming for the Mythical Markovian’s Vanguard [Shoulder] tho… So for Soldiers Skill Tree i just maxed out Deadly Momentum?