Need help improving my dw blademaster


I haven’t been playing GD for a while, but recently got AoM and FG for my bd. I have a pretty retarded blademaster (grimtools), he can go ok through veteran normal, but elite loghorrean kicks his ass big time.

Fortunately, I have all resetting potions in stock, so I can start from scratch.

What would be the best course of action?

  • Your WPSs should have 3-4 points each, so that you always use a WPS
  • Put augments in all accessory and armor slots
  • Your magical damage is weak and I think you better drop Beronath’s Fury and take Cadence
  • Likewise remove the points from Nidalla’s Hidden Hand and Merciless Repertoire
  • How to get points for Cadence plus Deadly Momentum and your WPSs
    • Your highest damage modifiers are for physical / trauma damage; unless you want to switch to piercing you can lower Dual Blades to 1 - you still have an impressive physical resistance
    • Ring of Steel and Blitz(not 100% sure) do not support dual-wielding
    • You probably don’t need Veterancy
  • I recommend a point in Blade Barrier to bridge cooldowns on heals
  • Devotion
    • Anvil and Autumn Boar require a shield to proc Targo’s Hammer and Trample
    • Rhowan’s Scepter requires a mace and both of your weapon sets use a sword and an axe
    • You should have more Life Steal; I recommend Ghoul, maybe add Bat / Toad

You might wanna give this guide a read :slight_smile: [DW melee] Beginner's Forgotten Blademaster

Instead of Vicious Spkies you can use Hollowed Fang / Haunted Steel to give you more Life Steal, too.

Thx a lot, guys, I really appreciate your help!

But I meant something more radical, like a whole overlook of the character, 'cause I have a feeling that internal trauma and all the devotion path I’ve chosen because of it aren’t best for a blademaster. I mean, most of the good items for this class focus on piercing and cold/frostburn dmg types, so maybe it’s worth changing all the skills and devotions completely?

I have a shitload of epic armor and weapons in stash, even some legendary gear, like a part of deathmarked set, I just don’t know how to use it best.

Fair enough, but tell us what you want to achieve. Or what items do you have you want to use? Right now your char is a mess with constellations that do not work with your weapons. If you want to use Anvil and Autumn Boar you need a shield and would not dual wield. Rhowan’s Scepter requires a mace, whereas you pick Blades of Nadaan for swords and Berserker for axes.

Both Cold and Pierce infiltrators are good and can be made “cheap” too

Starting a new Infiltrator would be really radical. Can you make a Blademaster work well with cold damage?

Sorry, I messed up :slight_smile: Yeah one could do Cold Blademaster if you get some conversion like one can use these weapons
Coven Cleaver (reset vendor until you get most conversion value which is 18%)
or Ugdenbog Chillstrife with conversion prefix and +%cold damage or attack speed suffix (need to farm a bit for them)
Dual Coldstone
Ellena’s Necklace (might need to do 10 or so runs of her to get a decent one)
Silver sentinel set

Both pierce and cold Blademasters can be made without sets with budget gear. Soldier is versatile class with a lot of cookies. DW pierce can be with Derma Slicers, while cold can use Chillstrifes ot Malkadarr blades.

Cadence is strong auto attack and even WPS interact better, than 2h version. So no need to reroll class.

This is just a quick sketch:
no rolls on the gloves, belt or pants, no components in armor, no augments in armor.
Just to give an idea of a cheap Cold Blademaster

Once again - thx a lot! You’re really helping more than you can imagine. )

I’ve switched Spine Carver to Totally Normal Buckler, which, I guess, is still a mace despite its looks and name. )
What I have… Wow, that’s a good question. Can I upload a save somewhere so that you could look for yourself? Or maybe I can list items above some specific level?

A small update. Just got a Crescent Moon from Nemesis in Gates of Necropolis. Looks like the game itself thinks that I should switch to cold dmg. )

Thx a lot! With your help I upped my dmg and resistances, and finally defeated Loghorrean on elite. Can’t say it was a walk in the park, I’ve died several times, but it was worth it.

I think, I’ll stick with the current build for a while, so far it works ok, and I’m too lazy to construct a brand new char. )

Now my blademaster looks like this, and I wanted to ask - what components/augments would you recommend to increase dmg and survivability?

Without knowing which factions you have allied and are (almost) Revered with, it is difficult to advise while you are leveling. AoM also introduced many high level components, but you need to find their blueprints. I made some changes to components and augments using stuff, which should be available to you:

  • Also add one point to fighting form, so that Cadence can hit up to three targets.
  • I replaced Shard of Beronath (not seeing it in your hotbar anymore) by Oleron’s Blood. If you move your buffs to your second hotbar, you can fit it in.

Revered: DC, Rovers, Homestead, BL, Outcast, Kymon’s Chosen.
Honoured: Malmouth Resistance, Ugdenbog Coven
Respected: Barrowholm

I’ve completed AoM on Veteran and working my way towards it on elite. I haven’t chosen the FG cult affinity yet, 'cause the benefits from Solael and Bysmiel both seem nice. Perhaps you could give me a piece of advice on that, too? )

A small update.
Got Revered with the Ugdenbog witches and Malmouth resistance. Changed all the armor, used the components and augments to maximize all the resistances and get as mush DPS as possible. Still need some stuff from the Cults and some blueprints, but besides that things look just fine.
grimtools link

Haven’t you spend any attribute points?

You also have more than 100% total WPS chance, this it not ideal if you wanna get most out of them.

if you get revered with Coven, consider dual Coven Storm seals for some joozy stuff. Attack speed, health and DA seems to be quite troublesom for you.