Need help making SAVAGE!

Hey guys!
I’m a new player. I’m a die hard Diablo 2 addict from back in the day and I started playing Grim Dawn with my brother on Christmas Day after receiving it as a gift.

After poking around and reading some guides, I read the Lazy Pokemon Master and instantly turned my Occulist into a Conjurer. On the path to being a pet master I became! I’ve liked the game, lore, drop rates, difficulty and complexity so far and I’m level 61.

Later in the levels, the difficulty became harder and harder and I couldn’t find any pet drops. Then, this week Recipe: Savage dropped for me! To my disdain, I realized that I can’t make it… :(. Then, I realized that the Empowered Relics, the ones I’m missing, are droppable! So, in essence, I need a hand making Savage and I have the best of what I’ve got to trade for it…

I need:
1x Inferno
1x Rampage
1x Mistborn Talisman
1x Dread Skull

and I think I have to farm the last Manticore Eye myself… anyone willing to help I have a legendary or two to trade. I’m willing to part ways with a Brutallax or some gloves that I have. This would be awesome and I could get my FIRST item based pet that doesn’t just show up for 20 seconds in combat to then again disappear…

steam: sonni415
email: spencer.reiser AT
ingame: Nomnomnom

Hope to hear from someone! I’m almost finished with Elite, so I could also trade my time helping you get through something or finishing elite with me.

If you can’t help but want to finish elite, let’s do it!
Game on!!!