Need help making skills

Long-term lurker here… So I messed around with the ModdingTutorial and found a template for a 7th mastery. Being a destructive person I am, I did:

  • Delete all skills from db\Records\Skills\PlayerClass07 and add one skill of my own.
  • Delete all thumbnails from db\Records\UI\Skills\Class07 and add one custom thumbnail for my skill.
  • Clean up Class07Tags and _CLASSTREE_Class07.dbr.

However, when I test my mod the skill panel comes up like this. I got the skill working just fine, but:

  1. How do I remove those empty skills? Are there any residual files I need to take care of?
  2. Is there a grid reference for skill placement? Would the X offset be important? (i.e. lining up with mastery bar)

I’m complete new to modding GD, so please forgive my inexperience :o I might post more questions as I go along my modding journey. Any guidance is greatly welcomed!

You need to adjust the ui part of the mastery to make it recognize your new skill(s). I didn’t look at Zantai’s files but I guess for you it would be in records\ui\skills\class07\skill#.dbr.

There is one file for each skill that determines which skill is shown and where and if it is circular or a quader and so on.

There is indeed some image for the positions but I seem not to be able to find it atm, sorry.

Edit: Found it

Thank you very much! I’ll get back to work right away and see what I come up next.

But what about removing those empty thumbnails? I’ve deleted every skill#.dbr in Records\UI\Skills\Class07, yet they’re still there.

EDIT: Placing skills on those empty thumbnails seems to reset them, and now they’re gone. I’m still not sure what caused it.

Does anybody know which template I should use to make a healing skill? I have tried SkillBuf_Debuf but it seems to be a passive template since I couldn’t assign the skill ingame to my quickbar.

Look for existing skills and edit them to your liking. Dig through the database and reverse engineer what you find. Other heals like Mend Flesh or Groble chain heal are other similar skills, use them as references.