Need help to improve blademaster

Hi there, I just past in elite difficulty and I get bodied (realy hard) on the begining of act 2. I think there must be something I didn’t quite understood in regards of the build. So here’s my question: What would you improve or do different with my charactere to be able to get forward?

Here is my grimtool build.

Thanks for your time and help.

You can find some advice here [DW melee] Beginner's Forgotten Blademaster but anyway, get some life steal (like restless remain in gloves, Ghoul devotion) and the healing skill Pneumatic burst. I am sure you will find the guide that I linked to very useful. later on, you will also find this useful [] American dream: from 0 to beating endgame with scrap metal and bare hands (Blademaster, For beginners, Faction gear, Pure DW melee, SR75, Crucible 150-170) these two guides should be your bibles :slight_smile:

I would also spend less points in the WPS and shadow strike and get some deadly momentum that will influence ALL attacks after a cadence hit, and Field Command which is a very good offensive and defensive skill.

Furthermore, dual wield melee is also all about speed. Pneumatic burst will give total speed (attack speed included) and Field commands modifier squad tactic also give speed.

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I’d drop some skillpoints from WPS and Shadow Strike to shoot towards Deadly Momentum and Oleron’s Rage. These are essential high priority nodes for this build, WPS and SS are not.

Thank you for those tips. I modified my skills and it’s already way better. Though I can’t modify my WPS (don’t have malmmouth DLC yet) I’ll thoroughly read stupid_dragon’s topic tonight. Then again thank you for the tips and the topic.

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