Need help understanding some modifiers (%) in gameengine.dbr

Hello everyone, I am editing the monster spawn modifiers (%) in proxyinfo, inside the gameengine.dbr. My questions are:

  1. When i set, for example the Max spawnmodifier to 100%, it multiplies the Maximum spawns by 2, (200%, it multiplies by 3 and so on), but if I set -100%, does it set every max spawn to 0 (mathemacally it should do that), or does it divide the max spawn by 2?

  2. If I don’t edit the Minimum modifiers, if the Maximum spawn ends up being lower than the Mininimum spawn, does it always force the minimum spawn number?

  3. After the game recalculates everything, if a monster has a min spawn lower than 1 + a max spawn lower than 1, does it always rounds the decimal to the value above? (0,33 to 1 for example)

Best regards everyone.

For anyone interested, after reading again the Modding Guide, it is better to edit spawn numbers through proxypoolequation_01.dbr. When Reducing spawns be sure to add +1 to the equation to not risk having values below 1.