Need help with a 2H DK Cold build

I’m trying a cold build DK. I’m currently fighting Loghorrean on Elite at level 75, and getting my ass handed to me. So, it occurs to me there may be something wrong with my build and gear. Any help/critiques would be appreciated.

Grim Tools link:

Get some armor and jewelry augments, and boost your chaos and poison resists. And pick a damage type. If it’s cold, try focusing on cold. According to the grimtools link you’re doing more chaos than anything else because of your hammer. Go kill Alkamos for an easy cold 2H if you can’t find one anywhere else.

As for your skills, drop Necrotic Edge and Menhir’s Will down to 1 point each, get to Deadly Momentum, and put whatever you can in there.

Ok, thank you I’ll try that.

Good luck :slight_smile: Also if you can get some attack speed and ADCTH from somewhere else, those points in Harbinger would be better spent in Master of Death.

Really, why? I don’t use any pets…

Also, i took Logh down in two tries…so, thank you :slight_smile:

Congrats, and welcome :slight_smile:

As for HoS vs MoD, flat DA and %OA are always very valuable, but it’s easy to find attack speed and ADCTH elsewhere even around midgame. None of my necromancer builds end up using HoS; I don’t think I’ve seen any which do, actually. If you do a search for the skill name you’ll see the general consensus is that MoD is (much) better for any build that isn’t specifically trying to stack vitality decay.

If you do find regular ADCTH somewhere else, another thing you could do is drop Siphon Souls down to 1 point, or maybe up to 7 for a decent radius if you have the points to spare, and instead invest in the transmuter, Sear Souls, and the modifier, Blood Boil. This will give you a 9-second debuff to enemy OA at a pretty respectable level, and the lower damage you’ll take over time will probably help more than the health you’d gain back from the standard skill.

I personally disagree with just about all the advice you’ve been given. One of my fav chars is my 2h dk cold with some vit/aether damage. Soulrend and some cdr, Krieg´s set, max bone harvest, keep hos, put rumor on bone harvest and craft the necro neck that adds to bone harvest length, and enjoy farming everything.

Warcry, blitz in, Krieg´s aoe, bone harvest. Works for crucible, nemesis, whatever. I’ll post a link once home, at work now, but it’s a fantastic setup.

That sounds like an interesting setup, but you’re essentially rewriting his build, and recommending equipment 19 levels over his. :wink: Of course if he’s amenable to that it might well be more interesting than just cadence.

I don’t immediately see why HoS would help your setup more than MoD, though.

At 100 setup has 3300 OA and 2700 DA. Going hos gives needed life leech, speed, and useful vit and aether damage. All bonuses I’d rather have than more oa/da

Active skills : Bone Harvest, Blitz, Great Tide, Winter King’s Might, Siphon Souls

I could honestly use some help with my Cold DK as well and would like some input.

Can someone clarify whether Arthas Menethil is using a 2h weapon or a 1h weapon? I always thought Frostmourne is 1h but he never wields a shield and swings it like a 2h weapon
This would be of great help to me (seriously)

Pretty sure that before and after becoming the Lich King that he used a 2-handed weapon.

Fair enough; at that point you certainly wouldn’t need more OA/DA for standard campaign content.

I know the Paladin Hammer he wielded called Light’s Vengeance was 2h in WCIII:ROC. And after your comment I suddenly remembered the badly animated Illidan vs Arthas fight, he definitely was using it as 2h weapon

No Kraken? Why use a 2H for this? Is it for the blitz hit? There’s no primary attack replacement, do you put bone harvest on your LMB? From what I’m seeing, you could easily use sword and board for this, and it wouldn’t matter.
What am I missing?

Here with Kraken, i didn’t find it that necessary

You rotate between couple skills hence don’t need an auto attack replacer since with your setup you thought of, its gonna be way less than optimal to play Cadence with such low AS.

You use 2H for Harvester of Death transmuter and use all skills equally.

Winter King’s Might is for spamming in between rotation (acquired by Helm and requires 2H melee).

Start with Bone Harvest for Soul Harvest, Blitz > Great Tide and continue with WKM.

And hence thats why you can’t use sword and board due to the skill selections i went with.

Alright, I’m failry new to GD so…how does the transmuter work? Does it make bone harvest proc off of weapon swings?

EDIT: Nevermind.