Need help with a new build- looking for a gladiator viable crucible build please

Hi All,

I have been reading through the threads but get confused as to whether some of the older builds published 2017 are still viable.

I am looking for an all out caster build something like a spellbinder that can clear crucible on gladiator- can anyone give me something thats viable and can pretty much take on all content?

You can look at Build Compendium here:

Navigate through different classes and seek for “c” or “c+” tag, they are pretty sure Gladiator viable. “c+” are better.

Thanks mate - appreciate the response I will check it out

The one build known to farm gladiator with least sweat and almost 100% consistency is imo ct spam binder. Not only is the guy immortal but also has one of the best clear times in the game. If I had to choose the very best caster build for farming crucible in the game (or simply - the best build in the game) I guess it would be it.

Here is my iteration. Boots can be swapped for Stormtitans or Wraithwalkers. Helmet is very hard to get legit - Maw of Despair is a popular choice. Whether that Screams of the Aether ring is better than Eternal Haunt or a second Albrecht’s Duality is an ongoing debate with the majority choosing the Haunt.

Thank you Ya sounds good I will check it out!