Need help with a skill im making

Got stuck with something, unsure if anyone knows.
Im trying to get a chance when I attack to buff self. No matter how I try it always seems to do when im hit, unless I make a skill and link a controller with @enemyattack%, but then it shows it on the UI but does not activate. I can get a modifier to work on other skills to buff me when they are used, and chance on hit to proc a move, but seems impossible to proc a self buff duration this way.

Things I have tried

  • Skill_Passive with a controller attached thats a buff
  • Skill_Passive with a Skill_AttackBuff controller on enemyattack, that links to a buff, hoping to work it in as a middleman
  • SkillSecondary_BuffSelfDuration and making it a dependency on the passive skill before it in the chain
  • SkillBuff_Passive with chance to activate controller and an attached buff with 100% to proc, did nothing and looked stupid on the ui
  • tried skill modifier also, with dependency on previous skill and linking a controller on enemyattack to the buff

Probably tried other things, cant remember, been at this 2 days.
The skill is basically a dual wield skill chain that are all passive, the first one allows dual wield, the next one is a reduced cost for melee weapons, the next one is chance to proc a dual wield attack with both weapons - these 3 all work fine. The next 2 are meant to be chance on crit to give a buff, and chance on hit to give a buff - neither of them work.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Incase anyone encounters this, I managed to get it to work by setting my skill to be Skill_PassiveOnLifeBuffSelf and setting that to 100%, then adding a controller that is records/controllers/itemskills/cast_@enemyonattack_10%.dbr
or whatever % you want, then adding the buff to thism in this case Skill_BuffSelfDuration. Add the cooldown and duration in this part and good to go.

This way it is always checking if you have procced it or not, tried maybe 12 different ways, and this is the only one thats working.

Is there some reason you didn’t just use cast_@selfonattack_100%?

I don’t see that template, whats its full name?

Same problem as before, it shows in the skill tree as 100% chance on attack to do this buff, but never actually procs. Not sure why, been at it for days and the only way around it is chance on crit, or chance when enemy hit me, or doing the chance when 100% health and linking chance on attack then.