Need Help with Character for Endgame Content

Currently I am playing a Runebinder Character using both Runes as Offense

Link: Mage Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

I managed to kill Mogdrogen without much trouble, but Ravager destroys me, as I cannot tank his Attacks and kiting him would maybe work, but the fight would take forever. I did not even try Callagadra yet. I also have trouble staying alive in higher Shattered Realm or Gladiator Crucible.

I would like help in Order to be able to kill all the Bosses in the Game, if possible. If I can or cannot beat Crucible or the the really high SR Stuff does not really matter much to me.

I don’t think this type of build is a good choice for Ravager - there’s a kill here with Elemental Runes but it’s a struggle according to its author [] Symbols Unreadable - Runebinder Cold/Fire hybrid Deceiver [sr+][vid]

Btw Mirror for 3s invulnerability and Nullification to get rid of the “Eye debuff” (which increases Ravager damage a lot) would help you for sure.

The problem is you don’t have a way to leech or regen life. And a lot of that would be needed.

Which Mage Hunter has the easiest time with Ravager? Aether Reaping Arc perhaps (with high Phys res, Ghoul, Nullification, Mirror, ADCTH potions this shouldn’t be a biggie :thinking:)? Or some DW Shooter? Or this by @afanasenkov26

This was a bit of a lucky try, as Ravager can still pop you under bad circumstances. Tho aether foi is somewhat good mh build.
I also played lightning allagast mh but it had way longer ravager kill and required way more control and precision for the result it gave.
Tbh Magehunter is a lackluster class now, having some mid-tier builds and no truly strong ones.

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So the best Way to beat all Bosses would probably be to just make another Character and hope that one works better, I guess. Thanks for the Advice though :slight_smile:

you can look at this thread ⭐ Top 20 Softcore builds in Grim Dawn (An Opinion) and see if there’s anything that satisfies you.