Need help with Druid Primal Strike build

Hi everyone.

I am struggeling to get past gloomwald for some reason, and I just can’t understand why.
I have maxed out resistances
22% phys res
98% armor absorption
2350 OA
2200 DA
10% life steal
7% heal increase

This is way better stats than on my blademaster, but that char could do the content easily.

I am stuck on Carraxus Foul, that just seems to all of the sudden one-shot me.

any tips would be very appreciated

You’re getting crited by literally everything. Average trash monster OA is 2400.

when I see the combat stats for boss fights, I have a 8-9% chance to be crit.
Also, what should I do to get more DA? without nerfing my dmg to the ground

Hey, copy stuff from my Druid here

Gotta change the belt to Storm Shepherd and medal to Korvaak’s Brand. Or gloves to Light Defender and leave Direwolf Crest. Yet to test it.