Need help with my witchblade

I am currently level 60 and this is my first build that seems to be working. I’m using a mace + shield to attack in between casting sigil of consumption. I am very tanky but resists are a serious issue now that I’m well into elite difficulty.

This is my build so far, the points in cadance are temporary:

A couple of things I need help with. First: devotions.

I’ve not really been planning devotions and went straight for the abomination constellation. I did this by going bat > ghoul > fiend > solael’s witchblade > spider > raven> 5 points into abomination. I’ve spent 34 points to do this.

The solael’s constellation only gives 1 chaos affinity but gives me 120% chaos dmg. I don’t know if that’s worth it, is it? Ghoul gives only 3 chaos affinity for 5 points so I will probably drop it, I don’t need the life leech anyway. I could save 1 point by picking up the jackal. What’s the best way to get abomination efficiently?

What should I do next with devotions. I was thinking of going for shieldmaiden to improve my quite good block chance that’s currently at 65%. But I really don’t know.

Second: energy regen.

Is it bad that I have none of it whatsoever? I have to buy energy potions and drink them all the time if I am casting sigil of consumption. It’s sort of annoying but potions are cheap so not really a problem.

And where the hell am I supposed to find blueprints? My calamity relic really needs upgraded.

Edit: I am now level 65 and I found a more efficient way to do devotions. I now have lion, shieldmaiden, viper, jackal, fiend, spider, hawk, witchblade and 3 points in abomination.

I have made some revisions to my build by starting a new character and stash because I don’t want to cheat this time. Every item is self found which is why I’m using a relic from the quest in act 2 and gear that gives +level to some demolitionist and shaman skills. Literally my only good item is the Empowered Anarchy. What I’ve done differently is invest less points into soldier and focus more on occultist to increase chaos damage. I am currently level 68 and about to kill Loghorrean on the elite difficulty.

This time I’ve gone 50 points into occultist to pick up doom bolt and possession. Doom bolt is a lot of fun. I’ve not invested in soldier mastery very much because those points can’t be reallocated. I don’t know what to do yet.

Here is my build at level 68, not including + to skills on items:

I did devotions differently this time, not opting for the bat or ghoul since my healing is crazy with sigil of consumption alone. With 44 points I’ve got lion, viper, shieldmaiden, jackal, spider, raven, hawk, solael’s witchblade, behemoth and 5 points in abomination. I have 6 points left to spend and not too sure which to get. I would quite like to get the crab shield since I’m currently sitting at 79% block chance but that’s not possible without changing some previous constellations. I might get builder or dryad instead. If I get dryad, I can drop the lion and I’ll have 4 points left over.

The build seems to be working despite my garbage gear, but I haven’t entered ultimate yet. The massive amount of healing sigil of corruption does makes me invincible, almost, when dealing with trash packs and on bosses, menihr’s will, giant’s blood, blood of dreeg and health potions keep me alive for a long time. I have nearly 9k hp now but some resists are severely lacking. I found the blueprint for the Solael’s Decimation relic and it looks like it would be perfect for this build. Should I make one if I can find the other blueprints?

Going full soldier(Blade Arc/Cadence as primary) and just using COF + Blood of dreeg makes things a whole lot easier. Chaos is ridiculously hard to debuff, you will have a better time using even poison over chaos

Here is my take on the Witchblade. It is focused on Retaliation, Bleeding-/Internal Trauma Damage for Offense and strong life regeneration and Block for defense. I’m still tweeking the devotions, thinking about taking the huntress to push bleeding damage further.


Currently Level 62 and rushing through Elite is a breeze (with suboptimal gear).

just a few of suggestions based on my own experience…

  1. go regen. don’t go lifesteal

  2. doom bolt is not worth the points. even maxed, it only tickles ultimate bosses

  3. blade arc + laceration with a focus on bleed over chaos/vitality is the way to go…even though it’s counter-intuitive to all the chaos/vitality dmg goodness occultist has to offer. Get bleed rocking well enough and you essentially just have to ‘tag’ mobs and they will melt away while you focus on the next target.