NEED help with sylvaria elite

i dk if anyone can join me multiplayer and help me it seems its impossible to kill her :eek:

I’d recommend to try to kill her yourself, with the help of
Those are level 100 stats, you can set your level by pressing on the level number.

Just cap your resists, the ones she uses and you’ll be fine. Other idea is to kite her, but that’s not as effective due to the small space.

my resistances are 80% and i use all potions i can find,the problem is the small space+the golems,cant facetank 3 of them each time while stucked in a poison corner :undecided: if there were no golems i could facetank sylvaria but…she spawned them all the time and no room to kite them…anyway…thanks for respond

Post your build using grimtool maybe we can help you.

Edit: Also, when I have troubles with a boss, I use the following items:
Elixir of the Hunt
Royal Jelly Essence
Royal Jelly Ointment
Courageous Tincture
Lifestealer Oil