Need Help with the Game


I badly need help with the game because at the so called “normal” difficulty it is extremly hard for me and unplay/unenjoyable because i can not find any easy to play build or Character. I need to know the best way, to build up the badly needed resistances and what damage is best. I use both normal and with the ungrimm grimarillion mod so i can play all classes in the basic and Grimarillion ungrimm mod. But it seems unplayable hard, no matter what i use. I also need a strategy when i can enter the dam eastmarch as the dam monsters are unbeatble at Lv 30 and what perks from devotions are the way for an easy to play game and the needed resistances. It doesnt matter if it is melee or ranged or magic i only want an easy to play onetime throu normal build nothing else.

Thank you

I guess it’s welcome back to GD :wink:

Please check out Tips I Wish I Knew Before Playing and the New Player Knowledge Compendium.

For specific help with non-mod builds with please go to, use the two buttons on the left to upload your char and create a link, which you can post here.

For help with mod builds ask for help in Modding - Discussion.

I can’t see why you’d want the ungrim Grimarillion if you’re struggling with the normal game. I’d drop that for a start and just play the main game.

Do you have just the base game or also the Ashes of Malmouth expansion installed? Base game builds are here:

AoM builds here:

There should be some beginner friendly ones listed in both.

As for resistances - gear, components and deovtions can all provide these. Some examples: Aether Soul, Runestone for Aether (Runestone also has elemental resistance), Poison/Acid - Anti Venom Salve (made at the blacksmith), Pierce Resilient Plating and Silk Swatch. Devotions: Sailor’s Guide, Crane and Empty Throne are all T1 devotions you can access right away.

Working as intended. East March is an optional area, so to speak. Meaning, you do not have to go there to complete the main quest line. Tose optional/side areas tend to scale a little higher than the others. They are meant to be challenging. If you can´t beat the monsters there yet, level some more and/or get better gear.

Good luck!

ok thank you very much. I do have the Ashes of Malmouth installed. I use the grimarillion ungrimm mod because i like the masteries in it. But ok i will try your tips and advices.

Thing is ungrim Grimarillion still adds more heroes than the base game has and maybe slightly more/bigger mobs. It’s not really something to try out as an easy playthrough because it won’t be.