Need help with this build

I tried making a tanky witchblade caster using melee with DEE. It failed miserably.

Now I’m trying to make a Solael’s Witchfire 2H melee build using soldier’s skills as my primary damage dealers but I’m currently having a lot of problems when it comes to clearing speed, dps, and health. I’d like to build a life steal melee tank with Solael’s Witchfire

Is there a way to solve this or shoul I just scrap it and make a new one?

Current Build(this used to be an occultist Dreeg’s Evil Eye build):

You can check devotion setup here :

You may need to make one :

It’s a physical build, tanky enough (has healing rain), also a lifestealer :wink:

Thanks for recommending this build to me. This could help me in focusing in my build but I might have some problems with it being high level gear dependent.

As with that, do you know an area to farm Epic and Legendary items?

You can look at this

This guy used a similar concept like you originally wanted to.