need help with warden

I know that physical warden is not strongest class atm but I think its fun and I have played loooooong time with this one

  • rege and dmg is alright imho

  • I can beat valdaran, benn, fabius and moosi quite easily

  • I want avenger set ofcourse but is there something else I should do?

any help is welcome!

why no resistance reductions? Break morale, Assassins mark?

tried break morale but I rather took more defence because I think its more useful in tough fights… lesser mobs dies anyway in few seconds

You need RR against resistant bosses,assassin mark on your left button attack and break morale are mandatory,otherwise you’re gonna be slowed too often.

and why savagery when you have cadence :open_mouth:

assassin mark did it! I thought my oa is so bad that I will never strike critical but I managed to build it up. Already tested it with Valdaran, Moosi and Fabius. This change was huge. Thanks guys!

not sure I can take break morale since I maxed out both masteries

I love tenacity of the boar :D…sometimes I run with cadence

Hrm for me, you Devotions seems to defensive. Build 1 or 2 more with physical damage maybe. You have Ghoul, Dryade and the Behemoth. Maybe i would take Behemoth out and put the points in damage.

You could take out points out of the mastery bar. And if you want more defend take WarCry.


  • I got avenger pauldrons and mythical divine steel hauberk
  • tried different things with devotion points, I keep it still quite defensive
  • I also run with wendigo totem (1 point) so I can facetank enemies like fabius and maiden

Thanks Mauricius, I did not know that I could take out points from mastery bar!

Thanks PisaroOne, tried different things with devotion points and I will continue when expansion is out

Thanks Nery & malawiglenn, assassin’s mark changed my dmg almost entirely. I knew its not about damage you do but damage they take…still I did not see it before.