Need Option Other than Steam

The Steam Client regularly steals focus, but if I close the client, I cannot play any games purchased from Steam. I’ve experienced this problem on multiple PCs, dedicated gaming PCs that didn’t/don’t have a bunch of crap on them. Steam support told me that I was lying about the client stealing focus, though they stated it indirectly. I will never buy anything from Steam again, unless perhaps they address this problem. Please provide another way of purchasing your products. In particular, I’d like to try Grim Dawn.



Thanks. That site specifically says, “DRM FREE. No activation or online connection required to play” ( Gives me a warm fuzzy. CRATE should mention it on the “Buy Now” page:


I never had Steam steal the focus and I have it running pretty much 12 hours a day (not playing 12 hours a day, mind you, but if the PC is on, it is running) for the last 10+ years, so whatever happens on your ‘gaming’ PC is certainly not the norm.
I understand that Steam cannot help you with something that is not their fault.

As mentioned, buy it on GoG then.

I found some useful focus logger program that allowed me to find that it was obviously stupid anti-virus program that was stealing it from time to time while I was playing Grim Dawn.


Yes, more likely it’s antivirus or firewall programs causing the problem.

Steam client isn´t problem. You have to find problem somewhere else. I have it running few years along with Bnet and Uplay client and none of them causing problems. I only disable overlays in clients.

Do you use some “tuning” application?

This isn’t a situation where something steals focus, but it’s not clear what, so you use a focus tracker to find out. I’ve encountered that issue before, not related to Steam as far as I know. The problem I have is that the Steam client window, which was minimized to the system tray, un-minimizes, not just stealing focus, but also coming ~in front of~ whatever game I’m playing. I guess it’s possible that something else is making it happen, and the Steam client isn’t to blame, and a focus tracker might still help, but is this the issue you’re thinking of?

What’s a tuning application?

Two of you wrote, among other things, what basically amounts to, “It never happened to me, so it couldn’t possibly ever happen to anyone else.” If that isn’t intentional trolling, then I suggest you learn about cognitive biases. Understanding them and compensating for them is part of the only way to minimize the amount of unintentional harm that we humans do.

Let me chime in here, before the thread exlodes… I think they just wanted you to consider other options :wink:

How sanctimonious.

Your recount does sounds like malicious software though.

I did not say it didn’t happen to him, I said it most likely isn’t Steam that is causing it. This was meant to be helpful in that he should be looking into what else might be causing his problem because what he identified as the source most likely isn’t actually causing it.

Maybe don’t always assume the worst possible interpretation of a post (and yes, it could have been phrased better, but still…)

Tuning applications are ones that try to convince BFU that they can boost their PC performance. Most of them are contraproductive or even dangerous.

You could accidentaly use some key shortcut. It happend my friend during Lineage2 gameplay (ALT+someting for skills) and using push to talk key for TeamSpeak in same time window that she opened GPU controlpanel sometimes. Check running applications for this settings. It could also be some keyboard/mouse SW for macros.