Need some advice- Damage vs Survivability

Here are two setups-

Previous Version

Modified Version

I am having trouble deciding b/w the two setups. Despite the resistance dip in the second setup i actually feel stronger. I killed MQ and Nemesis with both the setups so that didn’t help me decide. Which is why i ask you guys here.

In case anyone is wondering then the only way to increase resistance on the second build is to either drop the belt and use a good rolled chains of “what’s his name” belt (that has base attack speed) and still loose over 1k DPS or to change pants with a good rolled Guardian pants. Doing either of these things compromises damage

Definitely the first one. Higher Health, DA, resists and 2707 OA is more than enough.

I’d do the first one but with haunted steel instead of riftstone.

Hmm, i think i’ll add a grimcalc to show the background. Been getting bad gateway errors with the forum. Anyone know whats up?

Sorry about the late reply. Had issues logging in.

Here is devotion setup for Pic 1 -

Here is devotion setup for Pic 2 -

An explanation of both setups

Devo Setup 1:-

Main Focus- Flat damage for conversion through Dying God, Attack Speed

We don’t get SotH and get DG to get OA (required to trigger our RR procs) from DG which gives us flat chaos damage for conversion. Since we’re DW melee AS is a major focus of this build so we try to stack a lot of it. We get that lighthouse like constellation to cap our resistances and get DA

Devo Setup 2:-

Main Focus- Getting a powerful nuke in the form of Tier-3 ability Meteor Shower, AS

I copied this setup from a concept i’m working on. This Meteor Shower nuke concept helped me make my Melee Warlock (which i haven’t finished updating :p). Our Scepter gives us 50% conversion and reckless power + bonuses from the torch gives us 1000% fire modifier making it a good nuking skill attached to Oleron’s Might. Our AS is almost similar to the previous setup we just loose resistances and a little DA.

I’d go with setup 1, with maybe small tweaks like using the scaled hide on the pants instead of the shoulders (armor adds only to the part you apply it to unless it’s the belt, very minor benefit but it’s free) and replacing a dread skull with the 12% aether resist component with the name that eludes me atm.

That said, I’ve never tried the Torch skill, so maybe I’m vastly underestimating setup 2. Loss of overall survivability looks a bit much though…

It’s called Aether Soul. And sacrificing AS for more resistance? I’d be better of keeping extra augments in my inventory.

Hmm, if you have used Devastation then a Meteor Shower is a weaker devastation.

Oh and i did try a Leviathan Setup and it felt much weaker

I see no reason to pick Fiend? Why? Its dmg output is non-existant, %wd is too weak to rely on it for sustain and all points in the conselation are so weak that ist not even funy. Same for wraith, do you realy want to spend 4 precios devotion points just to get 4 flat aether dmg? i would speck like this if i want Lantern for some reason. And i would prioritise Chariot over lantern all the time.


-Fiend is probably the best LMB devotion i can hope for in a melee aether build. Flat Fire and Flat Chaos get converted to Aether + % weapon damage from aether weapons.
With its 360 degree proc i cannot die even if i stand in pack of hulks (not a large pack).

-I have tried Falcon Swoop, Maul, Imp’s shitty proc, Tsunami (don’t ask why i picked this) and none came close.

-It’s better than Falcon Swoop in tight spots. Falcon Swoop might be better with bosses due to shotgun but i doubt it.

Its so good that it wourth 5 devotion points? Ive tried it on fire saboter and wasnt impressed. Well its not so wortless as imp, but still barely noticable.

I really like the Meteor concept. Long ago I wanted something similar with Iskandra blanace and Amulet. Now with this Scepter it could be an awesome elmental metor storm. But these things need to be tested in actual practice.

Not that it’s only good but it’s the only viable LMB skill. It helps clear trash and is useful against bosses when tanking them. The proc stays up almost 100% of the time.

You mean like this test?

I still like first setup more cuz I dont find MS from torch to be of such importance.

P.S. If you dont mind losing lantern and revenant you can take both, DG and UT.

Yeah i know that mate AS is the topmost priority. Oh well time to respec then.

Thank you all (Norzan, JoV, Sober, Fluff)

Sorry for the late response, but I agree and also like the first setup more. The devotion setup seems better, and the lower vit resistance would worry me in the second.