need some help for concepted commando build


I am newb at this game genre…
so I don’t know about many things…

anyway I wanna design a character
it doesn’t matter one-hand and one shield, duel wield, or two handed (but it must not equip ranged weapons for my concept)

and I wanna equip mask of infernal truth because it looks neat

Mask of Infernal Truth

868 Armor
322 Fire Retaliation
+35% Burn Damage With +50% Improved Duration
+35% Fire Damage
6-9 Fire Damage
+730 Health
+8% Chance to Avoid Projectiles
+2 to Vindictive Flame
+1 to All Skills in Demolitionist
Grants Skill: Flame Breath (Level 1)
The mask allows you to breathe fire.
900 Burn Damage Over 5 Seconds (180 Per Second)
594-676 Fire Damage
10 Meter Wave Distance Over 0.33 Seconds
2.5-2.5 Meter Wave Width
5 Seconds Skill Recharge
142 Energy Cost
Required Physique: 837
Level Requirement: 75
Item Level: 75
—(damn, I’m not able to post links… really newbie)

so I wanna make character like ‘flame berserker’ (I’d like to my character has powerful deal something with fire, nice fire effect, and uses melee weapon. )
truly, mask of infernal truth makes character look like berserker.

but as I said, I’m newbie, I’m not skilled user like this game,
so I’m afraid I would make bullshit the weakest character.

that’s why I’m asking to you guys for help.

plz recommend other item settings, and skill build…
I really can’t figure it out by myself. help!

thank you for reading, and sorry for my bad english.

PS. title says ‘concepted commando build’ but other build would be okay
but, it must be melee class.

You could grab one of the items that grants dual wield ability, equip 2 melee fire weapons, max out firestrike.

Add soldier to give you health and tanky stats, as well as auto attack procs (malkovian + zolhans).

Add in some cc from charge, and war cry, and concussion grenade transmute.

Then in between your cd of breathing fire you can go ham with auto attacks :smiley:

Or you could go caster, and use grenado and canister bomb, and perhaps go occultist or arcanist to pick up more debuffs/energy regen/defensive skills :slight_smile:

I like you’re idea of the fire berserker :smiley: probably fits best with the melee idea i mentioned first :wink:

I don’t wanna go caster now

I’m considering commando class too
as you said, good for tanky stats, and procs
and firestrike enables weapon deals fire dmg

however, I didn’t play grim dawn enough, I am only Lv.19 blademaster
so its hard to arrange my concepts tight

I should have more game playtime first.

anyway, thank you for replying
have a nice day dude.

Im playing a dual wield Melee Saboteur atm and that should just be your desired Build. We discussed this Build a few days ago in this Thread.

I can guarantee you a hell lot of fun with it :wink:

I will check it out
thanks dude.

I will check it out
thanks dude.

Hah, I like you.

Been leveling a melee Elementalist (Shaman + Demolitionist) for a few hours just cuz I’m so frigging tired of Soldier for melee that might be interesting for you. My idea’s basically the same as you… fire berserker, Hungering Flame of Ulzuin…

Endgame plan is to absolutely nuke the enemy… see enemy pack, throw potent Blackwater cocktail debuff, stunning Canister and a Flashbang into them (3 hit screw-you-combo from afar), then Chaos Strike (Riftstone materia in weapon) teleport in, drop Thermite mine and go to town with 2H firestrike amidst the chaos of devotion procs.

Early levels I leveled Shaman until Feral Hunger for an AoE and heal, then went to Demolitionist and started leveling Firestrike. Get Scholar’s Light devotion, then Spider, then Magi for Fissure… once you get Fissure you have your room clearer, put it on Blackwater Cocktail and every burn tick will have a chance to proc it. Then aim for Rhowan’s Crown and put its Elemental Storm on your Firestrike for even more damage and debuffing.

Currently level 20 something and it’s working really well, I can see survivability being an issue… will see how Blast Shield holds up later. Hopefully all the ridonkeylous fire damage is enough to simply kill everything before Blast Shield’s duration ends, and Firestrike hitting like a gasoline truck on fire with Feral Hunger converting to health it should keep my health toppped up.

I don’t get the way to reply with quote like you.

fire berserker… right.
that’s what I wanted to play.
when I saw mask of infernal truth, I just imagined it.

but using blackwater cocktail seems to me like just militia, not like berserker.
I thought goddamn frenzy, quite gone mad, perhaps drooling at the mouth… that berserker.

yeah I think I’m not clever because I’m looking for custumizing stuff too much in this game…

but I do care about these… so I will keep trying haha.

happily read your reply, so thank you Adrius.
anyway, I will consider your build too.

ah, your build is shaman+demol
I misunderstood your saying.

I’m not interested in shaman because I don’t know about soldier and nightblade yet.

first, I have to play melee characters, getting used to game.

Ah yeah, using too many advanced contraptions would kinda break the berserker theme I guess. Would hurt the build almost too significantly to not use the all the nice debuffs though, I like themed builds but also large numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

Shaman is as much a melee class as Nightblade is, channeling lightning through devastating 2H strikes. Soldier is probably more newbie friendly though… and generally stronger, I admit.

^ my suggestion, avoiding grenades and other non-berserky techy things.

I’ve checked out your suggestion.

since I’m newb so it would be wrong thought but… I’d like to ask

  • 7 points of warcry <- I can’t understand difference between 1 of 7
    does it useful? isn’t it okay for 1 point?

  • 12 points spent of break morale <- same reason like warcry. I think only 1 point supposed to be spent.

  • no points spent to Ulzuin’s wrath unless vindictive flame mastered.

thank you for your suggestion,
and I will wait for your reply.
good night.

I simply think 7 is a good number for Warcry’s range. The points in Break Morale is because reducing enemy physical resistance is always good, as well as disrupting enemy skills for longer.

Ulzuin’s Wrath isn’t worth investing mastery to get imo, whereas Vindictive gives a stun as well as Total Speed. I’d get it if we were interested in any skills further down the line in Demo, but since we just wanna berserk and not throw grenades there’s nothing we want further down the mastery bar except Brimstone, which in the end ain’t worth 50 points imo.

Sure it is, its a real good long range Trashkiller with ~85% chance of Knockdown.
TBH, i would invest way more points in Demo, you really want to have Brimstone, Blast Shield is very good as well…

Personally i would go with something like this: (without Devotions and +Skill-Gear). You can change some points on some abilities which dont give you much improvements if they are on top of their Max-Level with +Skills, though i wouldnt touch the Fire Strike Line.

Fire Strike is Fire Damage, its your only Dmg-Ability (not counting in the procs), you will get as many fire-dmg as you can on your gear and Brimstone nearly triples your Fire-Damage.

Yeah you’re probably right.

I didn’t expect the brimstone would be good for DPS. (for melee weapon)
I can rough understand english but fully didn’t understand its influence for DPS.

how do you think forcewave?

it won’t be able to deal high dmg but
it should provide AOE dmg dealing and stunning.

vindictive flame and ulzuin’s wrath seems to me very nice but…
spare some SP and give it forcewave

how do you think of this? (it’s not saboteur, in commando build, I’m considering two-handed melee weapon use)

The thing about brimstone is that you get flat fire and chaos damage increase (e.g. 11-17 fire damage or 18 fire damage) from it, so before all your %Damage (Multipliers) counts in.

I wouldnt choose Demo if you want to use a soldier ability for dmg, the thing about demo is that you get a really strong autohit ability with the fire strike line. So when choosing forcewave you should look for another Mastery to add to Soldier that buffs physical or your overall dmg, or gives you more sustain or retaliation.

thanks killerbug.
have a great day!