Need some help with my DW Pierce BM

Was fine up till Ultimate, but now I´m starting to run into issues with hp dropping a bit too fast.
RNG hasn’t given much help, got Belgoths armour, but that´s about it.
Mostly struggling with resistances, don´t think OA/DA need attention in Act 2.
Any help is appriciated, thanks Anyone.

Might help a little

Harp’s proc restores energy and adds more OA/DA

Blades of Wrath are very important for single target and AoE.

Damn, missed the Harp and ignored Warcry.
So you think Scale ain´t worth it on non-vitality build or just in this case?

Just this particular case. Scales is pretty decent otherwise

Not bad for an almost all greens build.

The low resistances are killing you

Get chaos/vit and fire up and try some BoC runs to get better items

So if I would take the easy way out, since posts from Jov and other melee lovers kinda give the impression that, at the moment, dw piercing bm kinda sucks and respec into s&b how would one do it?
Just till I can get some better gear, that is.
Also would kinda like to hear from the pros what would their end game version of the build I´m trying to get working would look like.

it doesn;t suck in campaign.

And the patch will cater to pierce damage. No matter what you play(unless you chain mirror), you can’t do well in ultimate with those resistances

Won´t disagree with that, but I do have to wonder how the hell do fire-based enemies (rotting emberguard) so much On Death-damage on Ultimate.
Some cthonians did that on Veteran and Elite, but emberguard had no noticeable effect w/ Blazing Death.
Still have 80% +26%.

Casue they do a huge part phys damage,:slight_smile: Kinda like a grenado.

So armor/ absorb, phys res. Your chest armor is 900. chest has 25% to be hit. 900 AR is suicide for melee.

Get some medium armor 1300

Same for pants, 20%

Gloves are 15% or so but should get an AR upgrade

cause explosion is phys dmg mostly. So are aether arsonists that explode

Blademaster? Exploding Emberguards, you say? Just take War Cry with 1 point in Break Morale, and War Cry on these baddies before killing them. Skill interruption makes them not explosive upon death. Same for any exploding and on-death-casting enemies - eldritch hellhounds, Reaper ghosts and spirits in Ugdenbog.

On papaer it should work like that but that CC resist of mobs is ridiculous in ultimate.

Harbingers explode/ cast curses. You need some more consistend disruption like aura of censure. Trance of wrath worked well in TQ too in this regard. They are almost the same

I disagree with that =) Emberguards, ghosts, arsonists all have only 18% skill disruption resistance. And this resistance affects duration of interruption, not a chance to be interrupted - it’s always 100%.
Harbingers are other story - they have 500% interruption resist and can’t be interrupted at all

Ah well then break morale ftw. I only used to use break morale with BM in crucible where I felt disruption mattered but it’s not worth it in there, for me at least.

I’ve completely dropped warcry line in there for BM and went full retard offense

Full offense is great. So your Belgothian BM is :slight_smile:

That build is in dire need of an update and will be the first one when the patch finally goes live:rolleyes:

So the build needs to be changed much due to patch?
Maxing whole line by removing points from MA and RoS&CoS worth it?
Also where to bind Assassins proc, SS?

Until you get some better gear try like this:

I didn’t changed any of your gear, augments or components, with slight change of that (specially augments and components) you should be able to get much more improvement. Things that are changed are devotions and skill points distribution. Proposed setup should give you more durability, dmg and atc speed. Try it out till you get better gear.
In future development from proposed stand point try to get more vitality resistance, ADCTH, chaos and aether resistance.
Gl :wink: