Need some specific mods

Whilst this game not so surprisingly has a really impressive set of mods available. And while i do try out all mods but right now i need specific mods.

Problem is search function doesn’t help here as there are multiple people making necromancers and diablo mods

What i need

  1. A stable Necromancer Mastery mod
  2. A Diablo 1 or Diablo II mod.

Thank You.

There were a couple people working on some Diablo mods, that’s the type of thing that takes a while tho. As far as if progress is still ongoing, dunno.

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Any idea which of the Necromancer mods should i try?

And glad to see Diablo mods in works

I think either Darkest Dawn by Kir4 or the “first” necromancer mod (self titled) by ctx i think his name was are your best bets.