Need suggestions for my DW Purifier


I’ve finished Elite and play now on ultimate difficulty. I lately recognized, that I’ll soon get in trouble regarding DMG output and lack of resistances.

That would be a matter of the right hardware. What I want to know is, if my build in general can make it through ultimate or if this is just a waste of time.

My thought of this build is the high amount of life leech, which makes me able to tank most of the foes. But there are more and more 1-hitters which makes life uneasy…

any suggestions on this?

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You should pick up word of renewal and it’s extended skills. You’ll gain a heal and improve your defense. I’d also look at getting Inquisitor’s Seal after that. You would probably be best off with Aura of Conviction over Censure. It adds defense, damage and OA. Eventually you’ll also want Flashbang, and you should at least get 1 point into Vindictive flame for some free attack speed. You can steal some points from your WPS’s. You can take Storm spread and drop that to 7/10. That’s when you get the 4th attack, more than that will do little to help you, as you seem to be fire based. 6/10 Bursting rounds and chilling rounds is enough while you are still skill starved.

Lose that belt. While the base stats look good, the proc will get you killed.

As far as devotions go. You really should try to pick up Solael’s Witchblade for Eldritch Fire.

As far as your gear goes, you’ll want more DA, HP and resists. Do your best with what you have.

Thanks for your advice - will try!