Nemesis Detector

G’day all

I was wondering if anybody has heard of the possibility of a Nemesis detector of some sort being made for the expansion.

Sure would save a lot of looking around :rolleyes::rolleyes:

I thought that the idea behind nemesis spawnz is that these hostile factions are sending their trump cards to finish you off for good… In that case nemesises should appropriately be equipped with some kind of tracking device to hunt us down instead of us hunting them down:rolleyes:

nice idea though… especially if spawn points are increased… Crate could price it 5 dollar per nemesis though

If they want to come to me instead of me going to them that that’s fine with me mate :smiley: Not sure how they would look dragging that chest of goodies behind them though :smiley: :rolleyes:

Stupid NO0b question: Do Nemesis spawn in all difficulties or just in Elite?

Note: I’ve played Veteran through a number of times, and just started on Elite with one character. (Too many Alt’s!) So, be kind.

Yes, they spawn in all difficulties.

A message popping up on the screen warning us of a powerful presence when you enter an area (just like when you enter Gutworm’s lair the first time) would help alleviate the monotony of having to search every spawn individually.

OK, I guess I just take them down when encountered without being aware they are Nemesis. I usually clear a map, so if they are there, I drop them.

Do you have Nemesis enabled yet? You have to reach “Nemesis” level with an enemy faction before they spawn. Usually that takes a while.

They only spawn when you reach Nemesis with a faction, always spawn next to a chest with a blue aura and their name is always in red.

That’s the info I needed! Thank you.

No, I don’t think I’m at Nemesis with any factions yet. I’ll have to check on my highest character.

That makes more sense. I don’t really think you can be unaware that they’re Nemesis, XD. My first run in with Moose got me killed because I didn’t realize that he had a second life. I thought it was just a dramatic death animation… And then he stood back up and smacked me, and I died :frowning:

I have a nemesis detector in DAIL mod. I’ll pull it out and package it for vanilla when I get home tonight,

Awesome :smiley: That would be great :slight_smile: So the next question is how does your detector detect them? Marks on the world map? or something similar?

You probably aren’t. Unless you intentionally farmed (negative) reputation of hostile factions, chances are you will finish Ultimate before you reach Nemesis.

Me I don’t mind atherial nemisis on my 2nd character demolitionist lvl 59 even though they are early just in elite. If I could handle warden wouthout even using heal even once cause of high health regen and high leach nemisis would be just what are you a nemisis you died prety easily. It would be cool if they can track us down it’ll make them tougher for though characters