Nemesis Reputation

Hello All,

I’m in the process of getting access to all the Nemesis on my first character. I was able to kill the Aetherials one couple of times already.

Honestly I’m basicly at Nemesis for every faction (missing less than a thousand point for Cronley and Chtonian while being at Nemesis with Aetherial and Undead) with the exception of Order of Death Vigil.

I did pick Kymon Chosen (Revered Reputation) but man the Order reputation is simply not going down. I’m in Ultimate near the end of it (Plains of Strife) and I just got the Hated (10.000 out of 20.000) level with them. Also the bounties for the Kymon (which should be their opposition) quite often give me not even a single one that would drop down Reputation for them (too many Undead Bounties?).

What’s the easiest solution to make that Rep go down?

Also will I encounter the same kind of difficulty on the other side with my other character or does Kymon Chosen is easier to bring down?

Also are the Warrant dropped by Nemesis only in Ultimate or can I farm for them in Elite so my future character get them to make it easier if I end up being unable to kill one of them in Ultimate with my current char?

if you can get a hold of a warrant for the order that would be ideal… for now you can rep farm the crap out of sister bravna at the fort of haron or whatever the name of the order version guy is! :rolleyes:

Also what about their location there is a Nemesis Spawn Location that seem kinda up-to-date (I was able to find the Aetherial one each time for now and the first try on Fabius was also good) currently searching for the Undead one and the only place I have left to look is the actual Step of Torments…not really a huge fan of Rogue dungeon for a first time fight with a Nemesis.

There also seem to be only 2 potential spot for Chtonian…one once again being in a Rogue dungeon…

there is a thread somewhere with all the nemesis locations :slight_smile:

Grim Dawn Maphack is what I use for Nemesis Spawn locations.

And the Order guy compared to Sister Bravna is Master Ravok. In Fort Haron.

You could also farm the Tomb of Archon Barthollem, specifically Malkadar. He drops an MI, Malkadaar’s Dreadblade.’s_Dreadblade Not sure you’d ever use it, but it’s there.

Either there is something I don’t understand about the Maphack or it ain’t that good. At least for Aetherial there is the same 16 spot than the link from one year ago on here and I just did all 16 without getting him to spawn.

It also show a general area (not as clear as those red circle from the map here on the forum). Will be honest saying I didn’t check the other Nemesis yet either.

Also to Froschbein the post is one year old so there has been couple of update (I started in December and saw couple of them) so there might (is?) change since that moment considering from time to time I end up not being able to find a Nemesis out of all the location that is in there.

I don’t think the maphack has been updated to include the new spawn locations for Valdaran, which are outside of Port Valbury dungeon and inside of the dungeon.

So I guess this is were I’m missing him…Third Nemesis hiding in a Rogue Dungeon…They are a pain to kill in itself and now 3 out of 5 can be hidden in Rogue dungeon not sure I like that lol.

Agreed. I would rather have a chance for them to not spawn instead of behind a skeleton key door. I would just reload the game a few times instead of going though Port Valbury and use a skeleton key to look through the dungeon with a possibility of if I die I can’t go try again to finish them off.

If they want them to be harder to find/reach then just add a couple more spawns in far corners of the map not behind a door. Maybe in a secret areas.

The only reason I can see them doing this is to make it a high risk high reward scenario. But when you can reload to avoid the high risk then it kinda doesn’t work.

Exactly my though. Also it is quite a pain to decide to go do Step of Torment for that hidden quest and run into Moosilauke.

Assuming I’m using the right maphack, I found a spawn that isn’t listed in Warden’s Cellar. I usually ignore the top corner of the map because I didn’t think he could spawn there. But my friend found him while randomly exploring.

Also I found him in the bottom corner a few rooms off from where maphack says a couple time. So I always look around the area also.

honestly i don’t think i’ll ever reach Nemesis status with Kymon’s or ODV :undecided:

it’s easy with the three “big” factions (with Aetherials and Chtonians the problem is more to actually find them). i dedicated a char to “unlock” Fabius because i wanted to see a Human Nemesis. it’s around thirty five-min runs, with two bosses and lot of heroes and crafting mat, so it’s ok.
but ODV and Kymons don’t even have heroes and i don’t see myself beginning Haron or Archont Tomb runs for Nemesis, just not worth it imo

It’s a pain on the first run once you get your hand on the Warrant it shouldn’t be that bad considering I’m at 11k right now and haven’ t really farmed (outside of doing the quest and trying to catch the bounties when I go in there). With the Warrant (not even sure if it is 50% or 100%?) I would either be very close (16.5k) or at Nemesis. Just a question of killing the Nemesis couple of time to get the Warrant. I already have 3 for Aetherials and killed him 6-7 times. Fabius is 0/2 and Moosilauke is 0/1 but still shouldn’t be that much of a pain to get a couple of drop from those.

Warret is 50% and it does helps. But it still hurts if you switch between chosen or vigil at a higher difficulty resetting your reps.