Nemesis spawn modification : what about warrants?

So about the latest changelog update :

  • Nemesis boss spawns have been overhauled. Nemesis bosses now appear randomly nearby when you slaughter monsters of their faction that grant experience and/or infamy. Nemesis bosses no longer have fixed spawn points. Each Nemesis can still only spawn once per session.

Will Nemesis bosses remain the only source of warrants drop ?

I don’t see a reason why that would change.

I’m under the impression that it will make warrant drops even more hazardous than they are right now.

Warrants are really nice QoL items, especially when leveling your characters in a single run : they’re the difference between having to farm infamy after your character is done, or having that infamy conveniently reaching max level near the end of the character development (minus Cronley and Kymon / Death Vigil factions) and giving those nice adrenalin boost when randomly having to fight nemesis bosses …

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Sure, but the drop rate or source of Warrants has no bearing on spawn changes to Nemeses. You would still need to kill a Nemesis to get a Warrant, and then you’d need to manually use the Warrant on another character for the boost.

quite the opposite, no?
right now, to get a warrant, you have to potentially scourer 20-30+ locations (and then luck out on the warrant drop)
upcoming you just have to farm ch’thonic stuff and benji/grava will automatically spawn near you
so now you can pair nemesis farm with actual something else faction related farm, cronley rings, Karroz, SoT etc
*i’m also assuming the spawn kill counter wont be set so ludicrously high that one risks clearing entire areas of faction and no spawn occur, eg Kymon/Vigil/Cronley spawn set higher than there are potential mobs in their sparse zones
likewise i’m also assuming the counter wont be set so high it basically equates having to clear all entire areas or “old benji zone check amounts”

I wonder how will it work with Reaper of the Lost, because even though he has many spawn points in Gloomwald and Ugdenbog, the enemies that count for Barrowholm infamy are exclusive to the town and the cellar.

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separate spawner linked to the Ugdenbog undead/human/wendigos?
seems relatively easy?
same how we don’t get Rover rep for killing undead crabs in ugdenbog, so obviously? Mossi wont spawn there

I wonder how the treasure trove will work. Will it spawn near where the Nemesis spawned or will the Nemeses now drop an orb like normal hero enemies?

Grava’Thul rushing towards you with a backpack in the back?


well, Nems can def spawn outside their previous/related expansions :sweat_smile:

Gonna catch 'em all!

By the way, Is it normal, that Valdaran spawns 109lvl, whenever both Chthonians are 112? @Zantai


That’s awesome :joy:

Feels like Nems spawn a bit too easily. For the small factions like Barrowholm, Cronley, and Vigil/Kymon, they’re about OK, but getting both Cthonian nems from clearing half of the blood grove in 4-5 minutes seems too quick.

For me it’s good that both Big Benn and Grava can spawn from same location in quick succession. Part of the reason is because both is the only one that share faction.

Regardless, I found it hilarious that Kuba can spawn inside the hive tunnel under the Homestead farmlands

Haha…oh no.

So far been unable to get Reaper to spawn outside the cellar, making me think mebe no “hidden” faction relation was set for the non-Barrowholm cannibals/turned
Curious if others have?
If not might just make Reaper the easiest Nem farm of all now :smile:

*strangely did get Kuba spawn when killing the non wendigo undead/humanoid turned/wretches in gloomwald @_@

That’s because all the cannibals, wendigos and the guys in-between outside of Barrowholm are considered members of the Beast faction.

yea i found that out, pretty strange considered their visible tags are human/undead :smile:

it can’t be overstated how awesome the new system is, this was a super fun spawn :rofl:


A question - when a new nemesis gets added to most factions with FoA, will it be a random chance which one gets spawned in a certain area? Or will there be a small chance of spawning both under certain conditions?