Nemesis spawn modification : what about warrants?

how do we even know that’s the case?

you also already have dual Nemesis factions, unless they change the system again in FoA i’d imagine it wont change, so far i’ve not seen 2 spawn at the same time, they’ve always spawned in succession

Tackle New Foes - test your mettle against new super bosses and additional Nemesis bosses for old factions.

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Also been said on stream a year ago… Zantai hasn’t said anything changed since apart from the way they spawned.

Dual spawn would be cool for ascendant mode - but not always, just like a small percentage of dual-spawn probability for greater challenge and reward

I’m playing League exclusively right now, but as a HC player, I’m scared :dizzy_face:

just don’t use Warrants from lvl 1