nemesis system?

If i kill a nemesis does that mean that his other spawning locations now have nothing?

You see i’ve been searching for them but as far as i know each one of them have like 5 or 6 major spawn points so that i’ve to run through several maps in hope to find one if i even find him.

Also am i supposed to memorize 7 or 8 locations per nemesis?

I know that this seems like a whine but it’s not.
I truly love this game and the Devs here really have my respect for such an amazing and above all immersive and believable “in it’s own rules” universe but it seems that the game goes out of it’s way to try to be so hard core that it will make you chase those spawns all across the game world where it should be more of a targeted location.

After all aren’t these among the mos powerful enemies that you will face?
Should they have their own plane?

Any way any advise about farming them would be nice.

Yes, they won’t be in another location since they can only spawn once per game session.

Also, if they had a targeted location it would be too easy to farm them. This is the reason why Fabius treasure trove was nerfed. He’s so easy to find because he has very few spawn locations. This also applies to Iron Maiden and Zantarin.

Then how do you guys get legendary items?

I just want a way to find legendary items or a good chance at that.

Just anything that doesn’t make me search the entire game for only 2 or 3 enemies because i’m not going to fight that crazy Fabius.
Not again that thing destroyed me.


Or just farm SoT. I find it a decent source of Legendaries since enemies can equip them.

From experience, Nemesis treasure trove are an awesome source of endgame items blueprints. Not so good for farming legendaries.

Hive runs are a pretty decent way of getting legendaries.