Nemesis too powerful

Hello , is it normal for them to be so insanely powerful for like…no reason? my first and only nemesis at the time is Valdaran, the Storm Scourge…really guys? i have 7,6k hp , im a blademaster level 70 on elite difficulty(half soldier , half nightblade) i maxed out all soldier skills that give me resistances and hp etc , i go in with all the royal jelly balms and with 80% lighting resist(max) , and he still 1-2 shots me , is this normal or bugged? The only people i’ve seen killing nemesis are people with ranged classes…is it’s not bugged , some1 please tell me a way to kill this piece of shit , i managed to get im to quarter hp , then he teleported to me…used his nova and my 7,6k hp dissapeared in a sec…:furious: snapped keyboard after that one

And also , if you’re thinking i got him to a quarter by fighting him head on , you are wrong , i only use shadow strike when it’s availible and thats it , i spend the rest of the time dodging his 1 shot lighting bolts that also stun…fucking shit man i knew these nemesis were hard , but this is near impossible.

Can you post your build please ?

I have only fought 2 nemesis so far, valdaran and moosilauke. I face tanked them both easily. I made sure to have good survivability.

Your hp should be higher at level 70 and some other defence options would help too like regen or damage absorbtion. You could increase your stats by components and augments.

I think most nemesis are easy except iron maiden and fabius.

Guess what, 7K hp is low, get 10K. Valdaran debuffs you, so 80% lightning res is not enough, you need to overcap. Stormshroud ointment on top of your 80% can help you with that. Or swapping gear for something with more lightning res.

God damnit…i had no ideea he debuffs my resist…thats why the bastard keeps doing so much dmg. Thank you for the advice , ill see what i can do:)