Nemsis hunting

hay all this might be a noob-ish question but aside from achievments (if running on steam) is ther any point to farming nemesis monsters, only asking as i have nemsis ranking with aetherial, aetherial vanguards and chthonians and killed the aetherials nemesis dude, didnt drop anything worth looking at give the level of monster and being the “nemesis” from the aetherials.

any insite to if its worth while to hunt them down would be appreciated.

disregard, just ran into him and wass standing next to a nemesis trove/chest…i missed it the last time i killed him… Daaaaaaammnnnnn.

Besides general loot from troves, non-expansion Nemeses have 2 sets of MI Shoulders (e.g. Benn’Jhar Shoulderguards and Benn’Jhar Pauldrons) that they can drop. Expansion Nemeses have each have 2 sets of MI Legguards.

If there’s a specific MI you want to farm, campaign is the way to go. If you don’t care and want an assortment (with more chances to get a well-rolled set purely due to seeing more in a shorter time), then Crucible is the way to go.

not really looking for specific set but if the troves put out like the one that i did open then i need to farm a few nems to get the blacksmith plans and maybe some legend gear while im at it.