⚔ Nery's beginner build collection


This is my collection of builds for beginners. These guides are different than end game, because they contain much more information, leveling guide and gear is easier to get.

So no random purple gear and fantasy greens. Farmable set like Dark One or Krieg, faction gear, yellow affixes monster infrequents, with sprinkle of blues.

Beginner Builds

  1. :faction_dreeg: [] [caster] Beginner's/budget acid Sentinel

First we will start with The Sentinel.It’s acid build with option as caster with off hand or tanky build with Shield.It has some leveling guide and budget build with Dark One set and Biting Blades from Seal of Shadows component

  1. :cloud_with_lightning: [] Beginners/Budget Vindicator,lightning Caster/2h Ranged versions

Next is my Vindicator guide.Two versions-Storm Totem caster or Thunderous Strike Vindicator.It has leveling tips and ok budget items.

  1. :gun: [] Beginner's/budget project-DW pierce ranged Tactician

Next is my double pistol Tactician.It uses Stupid Dragon old build as leveling guide.It has budget build focused around Pistols with faction recipe.

  1. :faction_solael: [] Beginner's vitality Ravenous Earth Oppressor with leveling guide

My Opressor guide is my most popular beginners one,also is thorough.It’s based around Malawiglenn ideas.It has leveling guide with videos from different levels,also super cheap end game working setup.Cabalist version was added later.

  1. :damage_cold: [] Beginners/budget DW cold melee Trickster

My latest guide.Is cold Trickster.Leveling guide with faction end game version by TomoDak.Also semi budget very fast and with high damage version by me.End game is with similar ideas and style as leveling and faction gear versions

  1. :damage_cold: [] DW cold Infiltrator for beginners-build diary

This is link to build diary from my DW melee Infiltrator.It has tips and also link to my updated semi budget end game Infiltrator,which is pretty viable,even in Gladiator Crucible.

  1. :rainbow: [] Beginner's/budget Mage Hunter

My PRM Mage Hunter guide.Caster with lots of crit bonus,doing elemental damage.Added on 2nd of July 2019.

  1. :damage_lightning: :gun: [] Budget Lightning DW Ranged Purifier

My FG update of classical DW lightning pistols Purifier by x1x1x1x2. Added to the list on 16 th of July 2019.

  1. :ice_cube: [] Budget cold DW melee Blademaster DW cold melee, this time a Blademaster. It uses Cadence as main attack+Nightblade WPS skills. Build is budget for end gama transition. Added here on 17 th of July 2019.

  2. :damage_chaos: :damage_aether: [] Budget AAR Mage Hunter Aether and Chaos budget versions of AAR Mage Hunter. Added on 31st of July 2019.

  3. :fire: :tornado: [] Shieldbreaker from A to Z, including end game, budget build+leveling guide

This is guide for fire spinner builds. It’s start to shine when you can equip dual melee weapons, can work as 2H build as well. Early leveling with Stun Jacks. Not the strongest build I would say, compared to classical Shieldbreaker.

  1. :faction_solael: [] Beginner's vitality caster Conjurer guide, how to build monster build from the scratch! Suitable for first character

Perhaps my strongest one. Very straightforward, leveled the same way as played end game.

  1. :muscle: [] Beginner's Physical Two-Hand melee Blade Arc Witchblade, suitable for first character

New guide for, nice leveling build, easy to gear budget version and monster end game build. Blade Arc also is suitable for 2H melee style of play.

  1. :ice_cube: :crossed_swords: [] Beginner's Cold Dual Wield Melee Saboteur - the journey!

Again Cold DW melee build, this time a Saboteur. Not the best possible class but DW Sabo can be fun build none the less.


  • note, some of them all little oudated.
  1. Desolator Purifier 2H ranged, fire damage:

  2. Canister Bombs Sorc, fire damage, green items are without affixes:

  3. Bleeding 2H melee Warder using Savagery/Blade Arc combo:

  4. Vitality Phantasmal Blades Witch Hunter:

  5. Physical 2H Forcewave spam Warlord:

  6. Lightning Thunderous Strike 2H Vindicator:

  7. Fire Flames of Ignaffar Purifier:


Q: Which guide you recommend?
A: If I start the game I would go with my vitality Conjurer, easy for leveling, abundance of cheap gear and straightforward enough.

Q: Which of other players guides you would play as beginner?
A: Stupid_Dragon’s guides are well made and thorough. I like in particular the Dervish one. And if you like pets, Maya’s written the Bible for that style of play :slightly_smiling_face:

Q: Are your guides up to date?
A: Some of them needs updating, the older the patch version is, the more likely they require some changes to function better.

Q: Are you planning to update your guides?
A: Yes. I would eventually update most of my budget builds. Leveling progress though will require more time re-leveling same builds, that’s unlikely to happen.

Q: Why beginners builds are different than end game?
A: You are limited of using sub-optimal gear. So you need more effort of covering your stats, adding more defense from devotions, etc.

Q: Are all end game builds possible to level same way?
A: Most players prefers to level their end game build with same skill/damage type. But sometimes is impossible. Rule of thumb, if end game build contains conduit mod or relies on legendary piece of gear for conversion, it’s not suited for leveling or guide in that matter.

Beginner guides that I recommend

Click for links!

Builds by Stupid_Dragon

[DW melee] Beginner’s Virulent Dervish
[DW melee] Beginner’s Forgotten Blademaster
[shield melee] Beginner’s pre-Krieg Death Knight
[2H melee] Krieg Death Knight on budget, the Soul Reaver
[] Beginner’s melee 2H Lightning Elementalist Old but still deserves a mention
[] Beginner's ranged Tactician Old but still deserves a mention
[Caster] Beginner's Nephrite Spellbinder
[] Beginner's Scorching Ray Templar
[] Beginner's Apex Death Knight

Builds by Maya

The Carnival - A Guide to Pets contains all you need to know about pets and contains several budget builds

Build by Supertolik

[] Beginner's pierce PB Spite Blademaster 65SR, crucible viable Build focused on faction bought weapon - Spite.

Build by Monceaux

[][Guide] Trozan's Ice Shard - A cold Warlock Beginner Guide
Even Warlocks deserves some love! Cheap Trozan build pre farming the Trozan set.

Builds by idontwannaknow0

[] Beginner's Ranged Pierce Infiltrator (Hybrid Caster/Attacker) - First Char Suitable, SR viable (up to 50) Ranged build, different idea for leveling a Infiltrator.

[] Beginner's Fire Sword & Board Shieldbreaker - First char suitable, SR viable (up to 50) Shiled Shieldbreaker… hmm.

Build by Udars

[] Vanquisher Fire Sentinel, semi-beginner friendly and practically farmable Semi budget build around Vanquisher set

Build by Dabuwa87

SSF Lightning Elementalist - a simply diary -

Build by The_Coyote

[] Budget physical Forcewave Warlord

Build by Ceno

Blitz Krieg - A SSF, HC-Viable, New-Player-Friendly Warlord

Builds by Ulvar1

[] Fire Shield Throw Paladin build from scratch - build journal and guide (WIP)

(Poll) Which build(s) shall I do next? SSF - for "beginners" ideas for you next build

Also if you are in doubt,check my guide,how to select a build! https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/guide-for-helping-how-to-choose-your-build/83484


You stole my :crossed_swords: in the title thread :sweat_smile:

I added this collection to my collection. Now Dragon needs to do collection thread then the circle is closed

I used the swords for cross reference on purpose!

Stupid Dragon needs to be in that network. :+1:

We cross our swords, we cross our links. All for the sake of the beginner build crusade!

up to now I have used the swords to see if Iget replies in my collection :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I need that Stupid :dragon:'s collection for my collection too…

Thanks for adding my skater to the links! I’ll do some more SR runs with my G2 setup this evening and will update the main post to make it more suitable as a semi budget build.


I hope to see more builds from you in the future,cause your guide is very interesting to read!

Do you think I should re-post the CT spellbinder guide btw? Since you have this beautiful Krieg version of it?

If you have time,why not? I love the Krieg binder and yours with item from Hyram and faction gear is excellent stepping stone.Plus I personally don’t know how to level Spellbinder :sweat:

I can give it a try, I got kinda burned out from that build with all the freaking nerfs! I felt same way with cold rune caster but managaed to put it back up again.

I need to do some video guides for my builds soon, Do you want me to do some for yours aswell? like 20 min videos summarixing the build guide basically and show some gameplay

Someone doing the work for me?Yes please.Plus your video channel is popular and will have broader audience.

Same apply for you,if you’re interested in Crucible tests for some build,you can send me your build and I can test it.

Hi im using : [] Beginner's melee 2H Lightning Elementalist by stupid dragon on HC. i would like to ask You guys could You look into it and tell me would be there anything major to change in skills/devotion or what sort of end game stuff i could look up for this build since there were all those dlc’s and patches that maybe changed something major and im to noob yet to figure it out :frowning: also its HC mode so would there be a better devotion route to not die or it’s fine ?

Hi,Cubix Stupid Dragon said,that he received multiple requests about updating his build.His idea was to create similar Conjurer,but Idk.Personally have not played with this build.

But definitely guide needs update.There are lots of new faction and monster infrequent items,since the build was posted.For example lightning 2h weapon can be Korvan Storm Halbred,which is excellent for Primal Strike build.

Also if you wan fire 2h Elementalist,check Blazerush.You need to craft it,but recipe is faction bought.

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For devotion route, you can check out my route for Warder

Then someone will make a collection of collections thread :eyes:

Post in the post,collection in the collection,Spiegel im Spiegel,etc.

:scream: :scream: :scream:

Nery: what are the pros and cons with DW melee trickster vs. infiltrator from a beginner perspective?

As I see it, infiltrator has the option to also go down the pierce damage route whereas trickster can go with bleed.

In my leveling,actually underestimated the power of Savagery early on.It’s still very strong even in normal difficulty,while in Infiltrator you need to wait to level 55 to get Beronath fury from component.Even without conversion Savagery is pretty strong.

Infiltrator is less stressful against burst damage,especially in higher difficulties,because of seal and damage reduction,basically better defensively.

As pierce route,I like Belgo Infiltrator,but if you don’t have it or full Assassins set,it’s tougher to make.Bleeding Trickster also is gear dependent,I think.

yeah, probably not something you can do well with faction gaer / epics