🌐 Nery's beginner builds collection


I hope to see more builds from you in the future,cause your guide is very interesting to read!

Do you think I should re-post the CT spellbinder guide btw? Since you have this beautiful Krieg version of it?

If you have time,why not? I love the Krieg binder and yours with item from Hyram and faction gear is excellent stepping stone.Plus I personally don’t know how to level Spellbinder :sweat:

I can give it a try, I got kinda burned out from that build with all the freaking nerfs! I felt same way with cold rune caster but managaed to put it back up again.

I need to do some video guides for my builds soon, Do you want me to do some for yours aswell? like 20 min videos summarixing the build guide basically and show some gameplay

Someone doing the work for me?Yes please.Plus your video channel is popular and will have broader audience.

Same apply for you,if you’re interested in Crucible tests for some build,you can send me your build and I can test it.

Hi im using : [] Beginner's melee 2H Lightning Elementalist by stupid dragon on HC. i would like to ask You guys could You look into it and tell me would be there anything major to change in skills/devotion or what sort of end game stuff i could look up for this build since there were all those dlc’s and patches that maybe changed something major and im to noob yet to figure it out :frowning: also its HC mode so would there be a better devotion route to not die or it’s fine ?

Hi,Cubix Stupid Dragon said,that he received multiple requests about updating his build.His idea was to create similar Conjurer,but Idk.Personally have not played with this build.

But definitely guide needs update.There are lots of new faction and monster infrequent items,since the build was posted.For example lightning 2h weapon can be Korvan Storm Halbred,which is excellent for Primal Strike build.

Also if you wan fire 2h Elementalist,check Blazerush.You need to craft it,but recipe is faction bought.

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For devotion route, you can check out my route for Warder

Then someone will make a collection of collections thread :eyes:

Post in the post,collection in the collection,Spiegel im Spiegel,etc.

:scream: :scream: :scream:

Nery: what are the pros and cons with DW melee trickster vs. infiltrator from a beginner perspective?

As I see it, infiltrator has the option to also go down the pierce damage route whereas trickster can go with bleed.

In my leveling,actually underestimated the power of Savagery early on.It’s still very strong even in normal difficulty,while in Infiltrator you need to wait to level 55 to get Beronath fury from component.Even without conversion Savagery is pretty strong.

Infiltrator is less stressful against burst damage,especially in higher difficulties,because of seal and damage reduction,basically better defensively.

As pierce route,I like Belgo Infiltrator,but if you don’t have it or full Assassins set,it’s tougher to make.Bleeding Trickster also is gear dependent,I think.

yeah, probably not something you can do well with faction gaer / epics

Probably Phantasmal blades Trickster,similar to the Rraper guide done by Spanks/you?

If you have knowledge and nerves to reset Ancient grove vendor to get Beronath blueprint and your goal is to reach ultimate,then Infiltrator probably have slight edge.

Should be doable at level 55 infiltrator. I will try it when I do my “reset” project later

Yes your reset plan.Good idea to have DW melee guide.One thing that is lacking is 2h melee beginners guides.I wonder,why?

2H is kinda in a bad shape overall.

Dragon has elementalist savagery and I think he said he was gonna try conjurer, not sure if he meant vitality or lightning here. I think he intended vitality but not sure.

I have 2 forcewave builds and two builds in one guide Warder.

You have 2H ranged vindicator primal strike.

I tried to make 2H melee ritualist but it was just too squishy, perhaps with new kraken devo and jackal it will be a bit stronger

Perhaps 2H vitality Archone with these MI shoulders? Korvan Pauldrons

Yes 2h seems bad.I was trying to do budget setup with Blazerush,but it was not doing much damage and is not good defensively.And yes,Elementalist.

Forcewave isn’t really 2h build in my mind.I also think it as caster and keep forgetting it.But 2h melee have low speed,prone to fumble and CC effects.Life steal isn’t that effective.One less slot for components,definitely not many good options.

well I also had that 2H CT spellbinder.

but yes FW is caster/melee, hard to describe :stuck_out_tongue:

I think also the new FG items will help with with cc, I think slow res from fettan helm, harvest faction boots and the slow res from savagery will help at least with that cc but you can not resist fumble…

I can try to revise it and try to improve it but I died on Master of Flesh 3 times with that build so I scrapped it but requinix did his “self found ultimate farmer” 2H ritualist so xD