🌐 Nery's beginner builds collection

I did not do anything serious with the fire version though, i.e. no leveling for it and no gear section or devotions etc. I basically just mentioned it briefly so I think it deserves some attention and love

here is fire ray sorcerer sketch https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gGm6W2

btw there is still no beginner build guide for Chaos or Bleeding damage

Added my Ray MH guides. Next step to level TSS Warlock. Future ideas for DW physical Death Knight and DW cold Saboteur!

Collection of DW builds grows bigger!

Yup it will grow in geometric progression, at least builds by me :smile:

DW collection section needed.

I might do shieldbreaker then :stuck_out_tongue:
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXWvAOZ sketch

(edit I forgot FS transmuter lol)

This is my own shieldbreaker btw https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gGMwK2 still missing some key-legendaries so that is why I have 2 greens :frowning: :nauseated_face:

Here’s Warlock TSS build. NOTE, not a guide. I have some trouble level it without dying :frowning_face:


GT :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9zaqvZ

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Ekket zhul helm, not seen very often :open_mouth:

Where and how did you have difficulties leveling?

I reached AoM in elite and have trouble against heavy hitters. Low armor and low health. I have at level 80, slightly over 6k :smile: I went full kiting mode and also avoid serious enemies. Should possibly add SIgil to the mix. Sigil on Bat is fairly good combo.

GT- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zmw4dN some items are missing huh :face_with_monocle:

you focus lot on OA and offenses

no skill for Elemental storm? you can just bind it to a skill, you do not need to use that skill to get experience for devotion

It’s a GT mistake, it’s bound to Deathchill from component. I noticed, when I import my low level char, some items and components are missing for some reason.

About offense, I was bored with slow killing speed, plus I favor speed leveling, so that’s the reason for OA, damage.

Probably can tweak it. Cause right now am relying pretty much on my kiting skills to stay alive and not dying. It’s kinda strange feeling to have any problems with leveling, that’s almost forgotten experience.

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Added my Vitality Conjurer guide to the mix. Also removed links to Malawiglenn builds, since there are no longer available.

After patch fixes drop by, I will work on new guide. I have few ideas like Vitality Phantasmal Blades Witch Hunter, Primal Strike Vindicator, Aether AAR Spellbinder, etc. Also noticed two damage types lacks any beginner’s guides - chaos and bleeding. These are specific damage types, so not sure how good they can be.

If you have some ideas about beginner’s guides and suggestions let me know!

Also @knife what builds you like for leveling?


Well, aside from your vit caster conjurer, i really enjoyed @Contragor’s Immortal Pet Dervish. You both made such dank levelling builds in those 2 characters that ive used them to farm pretty much all of my top tier gear, and both of them rarely die so this is a huge bonus in regards to HC.

My personal favorite build for leveling was a retaliation witchblade because theres just something really fun about taunting everyone onto you and spreading bloody pox all over them.

Regarding the Bleed build, Conjurer feels like an obvious choice if you main Curse of Frailty and Grasping Vines, throw Bloody Pox in there, seems like you could have a very fast leveler at least early on. I personally love Grasping Vines particularly after they added the new animation. I love any skill that can immobilize enemies, and while i know it doesnt work on bosses per se, ive read builds that use Blade Trap to immobilize bosses. I have been meaning to try and build around it, which I realize is memey, but i really enjoy any build that pushes unpopular or unconventional skills and stats to the limits, like max block chance, max dodge/evade, the Vires Might CDR skater build, these are the things i like.

When i want to level and build seriously for endgame though, i dont have a lot of ideas myself, so i usually turn to you all and pick what seems sturdy and the most fun, so long as the build guide is quality and easy to understand/follow. A big problem ive had is that many of the build guides ive read call for gear i dont have, and i refuse to use GDstash, so building these other builds often requires the capability to farm fast and frequently. I havent had any builds that could do that yet. Until now, thanks to you and Contragor.

I will likely have a better answer to this question after building some more, and testing some more. 3,000 hours play time but theres still so much I havent done in this game. It just keeps on giving. Ill be playing it probably for another 5 - 10 years. If I ever put it down for a while, this is a game I know Ill pick back up on and off for pretty much the rest of my life. A true classic.

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I’d love it if you made a Chaos Blade Arc or Cadence build. As a newbie, I have no idea how to build one.


If were talking about builds id like to see a guide for, i have one in mind but i dont even know what classes it would be…

Storm Herald dagger has absolutely made me want to create a Zeus or Thor style build focused on Lightning Doom Bolt. Shaman has nice Lightning skills so, maybe another conjurer lol, DW with that 1 hander that enables 1h primal strike maybe? Im already falling down the meme hole but it sounds like a lot of fun.

For Beginner, I suggest Trickster or Warder for Bleeding Builds. Both are easy to play, have early RR and good skills to survive.

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Warder, Blade Arc spam or Savagery+BA on CD?

Do you think Farmstead Liberator can be better than faction bought recipe Rancor?

That’s an idea but unfortunately 1H PS can’t be played from the start, so I can’t turn it to beginners guide. But I’ve made it as Conjurer(lol) with Shattered Realm set. Also Elementalist or Vindicator makes sense. You can start leveling 2H Primal Strike build and then switch to different configuration.

Honestly these are gear dependable builds and they suck. Chaos is the worst damage type for beginners without doubt. Gear needs, also the only chaos mastery lacks any RR (Occultist) etc. Also if you select Soldier, this class lacks any native chaos damage support.

For beginners I would actually take either Occultist + Demo as chaos Sigil and Cocktails caster or Occultist + Inquisitor for Flames of Ignaffar build. But that’s from my perspective. You can try Cadence or BA and take early on Solaels Witchblade devotion, also component for -RR. Cadence have some early level green weapons for example.

If not changed…of course! Over 1.000 Flat Damage is huge.

For Warder I would start with Shaman Caster, then Savagery and Blade Arc-Nuke.

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  • Added my latest guide - 2H Physical Blade Arc Witchblade.
  • Added section with sketches, @Rhylthar what you are thinking about the bleeding Warder, any advises? If you guys have any ideas, shoot! Also will perhaps try 2H Forcewave Warlord, should be decent.
  • I will add short section about tips how to select proper beginner guide.

Do you think that Savagery as the main single-target damage skill is only viable with bleeding builds? I actually like the skill alot, but both for physical and lightning builds it’s outclassed by other skills and bleeding seems to be the only viable damage setup to make it work. I prefer it over cadence, but I feel that Savagery would need some more love.

Is it?