New Blackwater cocktail art is too much

I can’t see anything… =(

On a positive note now you can feel like a real pyromaniac.

ahahaha, BURN BABY BURN. Was it really covering area that big before??

Yeah, baby, let it burn

I always felt that Blackwater Cocktail art is extremely underwhelming.

I was extremely delighted when I play my Pyromancer last night and found the art improved.

Combine that with the new Sigil of Consumption art and Meteor, I can finally set the world on fire with proper style.

Haha that’s my build, too: BWC + Fire Sigil. So fun, and looks even better than ever now!

New BWC is the best .

Agree nice work for this Z :wink: Love it :slight_smile:

this looks amazing. Is this a real complaint?

To be fair…previously the fx was about 20% of the actual area it dealt damage in.

This is awesome.

No dont touch it i love it lul :s

WOW, THE SEA OF FIRE! I laughed out loud for the first time at this forum.:smiley:

What if we set the fire…on fire?!

That is one powerful Molo-- Blackwater cocktail, I’ll give you that.

try lowering the particle effects in the option. i’m sure it will help players see more clearly when there’s alot of effects on the screen.

as for bwc’s effect… i like the new effect. the old one’s soooo underwhelming. now we got a truly pyrotastic effect.

The roof… The roof… the roof is on fire!
We don’t need no water let the censored burn! Burn censored burn!

Just keep it that way. Looks great and shows what the skill does.

I completely agree with the OP.

While you can say that more fire is always better for a Demolitionist, the novelty wears off and the reality is that, though I appreciate the feedback on the skill range, I can’t see anything with the new effect. My purifier has no clue where the Inquisitor Seal, Traps or Mines are under that particle effects’ mess.

If I may suggest a change that reflects the skill’s range and doesn’t obscure the entire screen: Blackwater bottle breaks, and a “high temperature steam distortion” effect expands to cover the skill’s range, with small transient flame tongues in the interior and a subtle flame border to highlight its frontier. Then when an enemy goes into the “super temperature” area it ignites with the familiar Blackwater flame.