New blocked direction in burrwitch estates

Did not play game for half year so most likely I missed something but anyone know why there new direction after bridge to burrwitch estates? It’s blocked by corpses and carts and behind carts you can see bodies of black legionaries.

We don’t know anything - yet. Hopefully Zantai might drop a hint or two in the new Grim Misadventures tomorrow. :crossed_fingers: :pray:

So possibly new content…God I love this game and it’s devs.

What we do know is that they’re working on a new area between Tyrant’s Hold and Twin Falls.

7th February 2020 dev stream:

"gothboyyyyyyy: what will happen to twin falls?

Now I was expecting that question to come up. The answer is … you’ll be able to go through that bridge. We’re going to open that area up, we’ve actually been working on some new little bit of content over there for you to explore. There’ll be some mobs to fight there, some something to collect and it will offer you a shortcut from the riftgate straight to Tyrant’s Hold. Not as popular a destination as it used to be, obviously from vanilla, but still it’s really cool that if you progress through Tyrant’s Hold down south to Twin Falls, from that direction you’ll be able to repair the bridge and proceed to the riftgate. It will not change the progression that you have currently in terms of how you get to Homestead for new characters; they will still progress exactly as we intended through Smuggler’s Pass, through the Mountain Deeps to Homestead. But for characters that have all the riftgates or have already cleared that area they can just go through Tyrant’s Hold, down south, repair that bridge and you have another way through. It opens up the world a little more and in a place that people have been looking forward to seeing for a long time."


I’m frustrated, because there’s a clickable crate beyond the barricade but I can’t reach it !


So tomorrow there is the next Misadventure, perhaps there is new news about those twin fall bridge and this burwitch passage

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Gotta smash 'em all!


I actually just crushed it with my Aegis Menhir ! I could even grab the loot…

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There’s also a new area in Eastmarsh beyond a bridge that can’t currently be repaired. Any news on that one?