New Board? New News?

So we got a new forum and a new Future Projects board, does this mean we’re going to start seeing some stuff to begin speculating about Med? :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking forward to seeing the board fill up.

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Definitely looking forward to news of the City Builder game.

So i had to register to see stuff? basically my old links didn’t work for builds… that is a basic fuck you for crate… i like them but still a dick move. Maybe i miss something… :frowning:

I’m sure some things were out of their control in transitioning the forum. Better to actually have a forum then no forum at all.

They changed the top level domain to from, of course everyone’s links broke :wink:

Due to the fact that we won’t have just Grim Dawn hopefully soon.

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This is suspiciously close to E3…hopefully not just a coincidence. :grinning:

and they chose wrong
half @ssed at best

Nice first post. :upside_down_face:

Welcome to the forum.

I want this game

Well let’s hope we can see some news and media regarding the town builder game. I normally don’t play such games, but i am really looking forward to play Crate’s town builder.

I love the brightness of this new background, it’s the antithesis of Grim :slight_smile:

That background is the first screenshot we had from the new town builder game. It’s been the background on Crate Entertainment’s website since 2016.

I never played a city-builder. Though I would like to support Crate when this game comes out. Who knows, maybe this genre is worth getting into. Can anyone suggest a fun, easy city-builder to get a taste of the genre?

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Have a look here, Apollo:

I haven’t seriously played a city builder since the original SimCity, which fit on a single 1.44MB floppy disk. I carried it around with me in school and played it during computer science. Playing a modern one will be an adjustment, to put it mildly.

Very wide range in the genre Apollo,
Banished is a newer one that is a lot of fun but a bit harder and in some ways I think more realistic.
The old impressions Games, Caeser Phearoh Zeus and Emperor are also really good, they were what really got me going in city builders but are a bit more abstract in some ways.
Then you’ve got the more modern age city builders like SimCity, Skylines, even Anno and Tropico fit in in some ways.
Also got the Space age builders, planet base, Space Colony, Surviving Mars etc
And there’s also some more abstract ones Hinterland comes to mind in that regard.
So as for recommendations check out Steam/Gog/Humble etc and look at the City builder Tags/Groups, or what other types of genres do you like and how much micro vs macro management and planning/strategy etc do you prefer I (or others) might be able to give some better suggestions

Also I’m sure there’s a lot of suggestions n the link Powbam posted, I just didn’t look to close.
Hope you find something you like to try out the genre mate. I have loved a lot of the games in it for years and still go back and play a lot of them myself years after they came out. Be up there in my favorite genres for sure.

And if you REALLY want to jump in the deep end have a look at Dwarf Fortress. That will proberbly turn you off gaming forever either making you need the depth or just in shear horror of how complex it can be but it is a good fortress builder too and is still in dev. Also they are going to have one for sale in soon with music and graphics bundled in, though it is still free to download and play on their main websit e and will stay that way

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The problem with Banished, a game I had from early Access on, is that it became a spreadsheet game. Ideal construction layout for fields and such. Some people love that others hate it.

powbam, nighteyes, thanks for suggestions. Got enough food for thought now :slight_smile:

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Don’t play Dwarf Fortress unless you’re a sucker for punishment, I think the main purpose of that game is to make you lose in new and terrifying ways.