New character for new guy.

Hola, I have currently one character - Purifier on 57 level. (Its my only char. I have ever made) But Im not satisfied with him, he dies too quickly and takes long time to kill bosses, sometimes even trash mobs. I am looking for a great build with something new. Would prefer something thats not build dependent. Doesnt matter if its melee, tank, or nuke caster. I remember trying savagery shaman first levels in crucible. He absolutely destroyed bosses in few seconds. But as I said, it can be any class that works great. Thanks a lot.

so you’re looking for a build that isn’t “build dependent”? sounds a little paradox :smiley:

joking aside (going to assume you meant “gear dependent” or something along that line) - i guess you should try some good old soldier build. can’t really go wrong. sword & board soldiers are a bit boring to play and usually also kinda slow, but they are reliable and hard to kill. good way to get through the game in a slow & steady fashion.

simply grab a 1h weapon & shield, use cadence and blitz and throw points into defense skills if you notice that you could use some more toughness.

works fine with pretty much any 2nd mastery. you’ll only need it for the raw stats and some useful buffs (most masteries have some “low hanging fruit” low/mid level skills that are pretty generic and work with anything)

haha yea, thats what i meant by “build dependent”. I went for soldier on my own, with shaman. Now I am playing Warder, but I cant find any decent guide for the newest game version. I am playing crucible, currently 18 level with a lot of devotions and I have no idea what skills or devotions to pick since all guides are old.

Recommend a bleed warder or cadence commando. Easy to self find gear them both and they can both be fantastic newbie farmers.

Here’s a good guide for bleed warder:

You DON’T need that BiS gear. Just pick up similar gear as you go. The devotion and skill picks are still solid currently. (imho)

hm looks great, but I need that legendary shield to get Siegebreaker spell for AOE damage as that guide says. :frowning:

Don’t sweat it, I’ve used build guides to create a load of characters with non-identical gear. Some builds are very gear specific, but just as many aren’t.

You can always bind the proc to something else. In fact, I’m pretty sure I did that because I threw away 2-3 siegebreakers before I decided to try a bleed warder and had to farm up another one.

On your first few characters, you aren’t going to be well geared, or knowledgeable enough to kill fast, and probably going to be squishy too.

It’s possible that if you showed us your build, we could even help you fix your current one.

And you also have to remember that AoM areas (the upper right side of map, past Burrwich), has much higher health mobs. If you are having issues there all of a sudden, that is just the new area, which is like a higher difficulty level.

True this. All of it.

well if you really think we could make this Purifier work, then we should try it.
and devotions -
sorry for making it like this, but uploading my save to grimtools doesnt work, even with disabling steam cloud and doing some witchcrafting lol. also, that DPS with all my buffs active.

This may suit. No particular gear needed.

yeah thats a fantastic guide for new players like me, it even has guide about how to put each point in skills by every level. thanks a lot everyone, im gonna try this now. anyway, if someone wanted to help me with that purifier I posted earlier that would be pretty nice too :slight_smile:

i also started playing a purifier after i got my first expansion guy through ultimate and level 100.

she’s a bit higher level than yours, but not much. that’s the current build:

maxed firestrike and explosive strike first. even before picking inqusitor as 2nd mastery. those 2 skills basically carry the build. dropped a few points into the 3 weapon pool skills, but only enough to get them to a decent proc chance (you get 15% for 3 skill points, seems like a reasonable investment).

went for conviction aura. OA is important. the pierce damage isn’t that great since i was actually focussing more on elemental damage, but the alternative (aura of censure) has too short range to be useful for a ranged build (imo). also threw some points into inquisitor seal, flashbang and word of renewal, but didn’t max anything other than the aura and the 2 firestrike nodes. will finish demo mastery and max brimstone before i use the remaining skillpoints to fill up some of the stuff i already invested in.

after switching to rifle, i redistributed my devotions and went for kraken right away, then elemental storm. i’m about halfway through elite now and also grabbed torch in the meantime. will probably unlock blind sage as the last major goal.

the legendary rifle is mostly good for the +2 to all demo skills. before i got that, i used some MI crossbow from the expansion areas (arcane thrower or something) that had almost the same dps (leg. ifle had maybe 150 more - pretty insignificant difference). didn’t max resistances. not necessary for elite. hell, i even killed the avatar of dreeg with 0 issues despite having -5 poison res. you can easily get away with mediocre res on veteran and elite if dps is ok and HP are not too low (i think she has about 20k dps right now, some more when standing inside the seal and when deadly aim procs; about 8k HPs or so)

i was fooling around with DW pistols, but they just plain suck, so i switched her to a rifle build which simply works much better in just about every way. might switch her back to DW when she gets close to level cap (found 3 pieces of the DW purifier set with the lvl 100 guy, might give it a try).