new class path idea


I have not spent to much time on these forums so forgive me if this have already been suggested, but something i would realy like to see for the expansion is a light/ holy based class.

I enjoy playing paladinesque characters and i think this could be a great addition to an already amazing game.

Just think about it. Throw in some heal mechanics, not like hp/sec, we have enough of those imo, but maybe some life on hit/ kill or life returned when hit, some shielding type of abilities, maybe one you can cast on allies aswell, or a whole party cast if within x range.

Maybe some spells that deal extra dmg vs undead, or have extra effects vs them. Or a buff that gives a light/ holy bonus on attacks for you and your party that turns %of YOUR physical dmg into holy for everyone.

I belive you guys can probably come up with a better concept than mine since its your game and i realy do love what you have done with it so far. Just wanted to give you guys a basic idea of what i think many of us in the comunity could come to enjoy.

Anyways, thanks for a great gaming experience guys! Keep going strong and ignore my brown nose up your bottoms.

Given the game is mostly a single player game, with the option for multiplayer, targetted/group heals aren’t necessary, there are also no real lore tie-ins for this type of character, besides Menhir/Disciples, but no evidence of anything like that in game from an enemy/ally standpoint, except undead priests (from long-dead arkovia, no living members afaik). The other healers in game are Witch Doctors or Shaman, as far as mobs go.

I don’t think the gritty, dark world really welcomes the light-fancy-shiny paladin view. Sort of prefer the way we have it.

As far as holy damage goes, the last thing we need is another damage type, or damage to get resistances for. Because if we have it, enemies will have it.

I get where you are comming from, but see it like this. Lore is just what they have revealed for us so far, right? And with an expansion in the making they can, and are probably gonna shake things up a bit. Maybe not to much, but who knows? This have been done before.

And though i do enyoj the dark and gritty darkness factor of the game, i belive that for darkness to be percived as just that, darkness, there must be a source of light aswell.

As for the whole new resistance part, so what? It just gives the game more stuff to build towards, and, the thing is, they dont realy need to add any holy mobbs since you are thecnicaly up vs the forces of evil, and they dont lean towards holy that often in my experience.

We do not really need more damage types, so if your holy damage could be one of the existing types, that would certainly be better :wink:

Fire = holy damage, if you read all the Kymon’s Chosen/Empyrion lore.

Yep! Empyrion is the god of light and his people all use fire. Not much call besides Menhir to do any sort of heal, as the Menhir blue set does some heal things. I almost prefer the apothecary/combat medic stuff, seems more practical with the witch doctor/shaman/voodoo nature.

Here hoping for an Inquisitor-like mastery…

As for Holy Damage… Fire and Lightning damage sort of covers that area… I use both damage types and I pretend that I’m dealing Holy Damage. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything yellow will do! (Targo’s Hammer and Ulzuin’s Wrath)