New Conduit Ideas

New Conduit Ideas

  1. Vitality ABB

  2. Acid Forcewave

  3. Vitality Forcewave

  4. Acid Primal Strike

  5. Cold Grasping Vines

  6. Acid Vire’s Might(Possible through a retaliation set but it’s very weak)

  7. Fire Stun Jacks

  8. Acid Blackwater Cocktail

  9. Lightning Blitz

  10. Vitality Callidor’s Tempest

  11. Pierce Bone Harvest

  12. Fire Storm Box of Elgoloth

  13. Pierce Fire Strike

  14. Acid Flames of Ignaffar

  15. Lightning Ill Omen

PS: It was the next “thing” but @medea_fleecestealer thought otherwise :frowning:


Already in game - Acid Purge :grin:.


That thread is not about new conduit ideas, but items that are bloated.

Fun, variety, and new “things”

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just seems like arbitrary + plain conversion tho :sweat_smile:
many of them already sorta possible with global, or exist in some silly form, eg acid purge remark etc

Let’s see the possibilities;

  • Vitality ABB - Acid>Vitality conversion which has more than a few alternatives but still I don’t see any harm. Cold>Vit also is not a danger. Pierce>Vit has more than a few alternatives already.

  • Acid Forcewave - Physical>Acid? What harm can you derive from this?

  • Vitality Forcewave - Physical>Vitality, same as above.

  • Acid Primal Strike - Ligtning>Acid, which will be a good addition for meme purposes and I doubt that nobody believes Acid PS will be really good?

  • Cold Grasping Vines - Physical>Cold or Vitality>Cold(has plenty of options), I don’t see any way to be used on another build for conversion.

  • Acid Vire’s Might(Possible through a retaliation set but it’s very weak) - Phyical>Acid or Fire>Acid, second one can be used on other builds which is not a bad thing imo, Path of the Three already provides some.

  • Fire Stun Jacks - Lightning>Fire is a needed conversion if you ask me and also has a few options.

  • Acid Blackwater Cocktail - Fire>Acid go for Acid VM text.

  • Lightning Blitz - Physical>Lightning, no one can abuse that…

  • Vitality Callidor’s Tempest - Aether>Vitality? There are plenty of options. Fire>Vitality can be used on other builds yes people were screaming as they ask for more fire>vitality conversion anyway, Lightning>Vitality won’t be a bad thing.

  • Pierce Bone Harvest - Vitality>Pierce may be used for other purposes but don’t see any harm. Cold>Pierce this might be a bit tricky.

  • Fire Storm Box of Elgoloth - Lightning>Fire, go for Stun Jacks text.

  • Pierce Fire Strike - Actually this might be something that can’t be tamed for both DW Melee and DW Range alternatives but as global conversion Chaos>Pierce won’t hurt anything. Ele>Pierce is also have a few options now.

  • Acid Flames of Ignaffar - Elemental>Acid? There is already a amulet that provides more than conduit value.

  • Lightning Ill Omen - Vitality>Lightning or Cold>Lightning, I think we need the first one since Lightning Veilkeeper Ritualist is much weaker than Aether Veilkeeper Ritualist, second one can be found on a few gears and weapons.

Some of the suggestions won’t even see the public test phase so I don’t think there is anything you need to worry about. Yeah there is Acid Purge but we don’t erase EoR just so Yugol relic exists or Blade Arc for Reaping Arc.

i think you misunderstood the sentiment, not remotely concerned about balancing here

ie random (dmg) selection, “redundant” or boring, “meaningless” if we go that far

“you can already do that - so why does it need a conduit”

nvm bloating the conduit pool, when the current “next thing” is about reducing bloat :sweat_smile: , but, imo, it’s more like, where is the “excitement” or the need for it to be/on a conduit

“but why - this is either already existing, or generic conversion stuff anyway - why does it deserve a conduit” - at some point we’re just taking every skill that exists, and converts it into every 10dmg types possible…

if you will i suppose you could say the sentiment were

This means we can get rid of or change what’s already exist on conflicting slots or unpreferable ones. New conduits are for increasing the variety. Yes I can try to make Fire Jacks, Acid BWC, or Vitality FW in meme ways but that’s not publicly available since it will require some non-legit greens even for the skill hardcapping so it’s not for public.

that makes even less sense if that’s your criteria
most conduits does not offer ways to hardcap the skill “normally” anyway :sweat_smile: .- which is part of the thing about it being redundant
“a conduit does not a build make”, necessarily/always atleast, because in some skills’ cases there needs to be additional stuff to back it up, so adding more generic conduits doesnt’ bring more variety, when there is 0 item support for it anyway

i guarantee you, acid TSS isn’t crap because it doesn’t get hardcapped nodes without conduit, because it’s crap even with fantasy greens that does hardcap them + Conduit

ie, you’re not “just” asking for new conduits, but then a whole line of +items or item changes/support to go along with them/some of them

so you might aswell just go global conversion anyway, if the skill is “dead”/has no item support for that dmg type anyway

*mostly i also just want conduits to be “exciting” these days, not just generic conversion, not just skills we already technically have, eg acid foi/purge, but stuff like aether PB conduit and such, that changes the skill or does new stuff, conversion is easy, we have that already in spades, global conversion memes are abundant
“give it some meaning”

That’s Z’s decision. Which new conduit has meaning without adding extra skill points to some other gear. You just stuck on Acid FoI right? lol

no acid foi is jsut the example of a skill that’s already existing
vitality ABB you can already do, rather easily via global conversion
vitality forcewave you can already do through global
acid primal strike you can do through global,
Acid vire’s might straight up already exist *and not just as retal but since fire->acid conversion is easy as oathkeeper too
Lightning blitz technically already exist on a rune, i think, or was it fire? *rune of the stormtitan
pierce bone harvest we can do through global
fire storm box global
acid foi exists on compoennt skill
lightning omen is literally just aether corruption component but full converted lightning dmg :sweat_smile:

lol missed that one in the OP

yea exists too, i even just made a meme with arcaneweaver couple weeks ago too :rofl:

Acid RtA Warlord SR 75-76 6:52 run
Acid RtA Warlord Ravager kill 1:29 kill

it’s not very weak, decent enough for a meme status. It’s the whole skill that only works well with Vanquisher.

Exists, pretty strong as melee (sabouter), okay as ranged (Sharpshooter blue set Purifier).

Other ones could be fun but it’s doubtful Crate are gonna do new textures/animations for exisiting skills.

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It’s a retaliation build, not an Acid VM build, what I meant is I tested plain acid VM(no RATA) and it was weak.

How do you convert chaos>pierce? I tested with global ele>pierce conversion and it was not bad but not great either, not to mention it was squishy as hell.

Edit: And yes range is also possible if you ignore chaos conversion like this Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator seems tankier than Saboteur but let’s accept that we have Vitality FS conduit although it’s possible without it through Gargabol’s and other global conversions.

I agree, but as I said, I think it’s a question of Vire’s Might being kind of mediocre as a skill in general.

You don’t

I tested double oathbearer version as well and it was really weak, like 4:30 Crucible and squishy. Sharpshooter and Valdun are the only way to do it if you want something decent.

For Sabo you want of course melee: Saboteur, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (courtesy of @nofika4u ). It’s an old calc too, now you can probably make it stronger with Treacherous means belt.

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I’m not that invested in this, but seems to me that a lot of these suggestions are just better versions of existing global conversion memes. I know typically they have been focused on a single main skill, but:

Imho, it would be interesting to see things that just are not really that viable or possible - even in the meme envelope - such as:

  • Retaliation Mortars, Retal Devastation, etc - examples of something just not possible at present.
  • Hybrid pet builds. Conduits that give big bonuses to both, but conflict with a single pet focus. This could be very tricky to balance from just making pure pet builds better. An example might be + skill to summon Familiar and player conversion to lightning or some other bonuses.
  • Underused skills or skills that could be interesting with options - Reap Spirit, conversion or other to Overguard, Safeguard.

Yes, lets add even more conduits, as crafting 35 times to get the right one is not bad enough.


I would still like a conduit for spam bone harvest ngl :eyes:

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