New Expansion Devotion Constellations

Here’s a collection of all the new expansion constellations. They’re also available on the Grimtools website, but since no search function exists, this topic lists all the new devotion bonuses in a searchable format.

Tier 1 Constellations:

Requirement: 1 Ascendant
Reward: 3 Ascendant, 3 Eldritch
Node 1: 8% vitality resistance
Node 2: 10 Spirit, 10 offensive ability
Node 3: 3% of attack damage converted to health, +80 health
Node 4: 4 vitality damage, 4 aether damage, +24% vitality damage, +24% aether damage

Requirement: 1 Eldritch
Reward: 3 Eldritch, 3 Ascendant
Node 1: +15% elemental damage
Node 2: +2% defensive ability, +1 energy regenerated per second
Node 3: +3% health, +3% energy
Node 4: 6 elemental damage, +24% elemental damage, 8% aether resistance

Requirement: 1 Chaos
Reward: 2 Chaos, 3 Primordial
Node 1: +15% acid damage, +15% chaos damage
Node 2: +10 physique, 12% bleeding resistance
Node 3: +70 health, +15 defensive ability
Node 4: 4 acid damage, 1-7 chaos damage, +24% acid damage, +24% chaos damage

Requirement: 1 order
Reward: 2 order, 3 primordial
Node 1: +15% physical damage, +15% bleeding damage
Node 2: +10 physique, 10% pierce resistance
Node 3: +70 health, +15 defensive ability
Node 4: 4 physical damage, 12 bleeding damage over 3 seconds, +24% physical damage, +24% bleeding damage

Tier 2 Constellations:

Bard’s Harp

Requirement: 6 Primordial, 6 Ascendant, 3 Order
Reward: 2 Primordial, 2 Order
Node 1: +200 health, +20% constitution
Node 2: +30% pierce damage, +40% elemental damage, increases energy regeneration by 10%
Node 3: 15% pierce resistance, 10% bleeding resistance
Node 4: +10% energy, 2 energy regenerated per second
Node 5: +40% pierce damage, +50% elemental damage, 15% elemental resistance
Node 6: Inspiration (15% chance when hit) level 20 stats
Granted Skill: Inspiration
12 second recharge
6 second duration
15 meter radius
25% energy restored
+110 offensive ability
+110 defensive ability
+7 energy regenerated per second
45% reduced entrapment duration
45% slow resistance

Typhos, the Jailer of Souls
Requirement: 6 ascendant, 3 order, 3 chaos
Reward: 2 ascendant, 2 order
Node 1: Increases armor by 5%
Pet bonus: Increases pet armor by 8%
Node 2: +40% vitality damage, +40% aether damage
Node 3: 15% poison and acid resistance
Pet bonus: 15% pet poison and acid resistance
Node 4: 3% physical resistance
Pet bonus: 8% pet physical resistance
Node 5: +100% vitality decay, +5% health
Pet bonus: +5% pet health
Node 6: +50% vitality damage, +50% aether damage
Pet bonus: +120% pet vitality damage

Murmur, Mistress of Rumors
Requirement: 6 Eldritch, 6 Primordial, 3 Chaos
Reward: 2 Eldritch, 2 Chaos
Node 1: +40% cold damage, +40% acid damage
Node 2: 3% chance to avoid melee attacks, 3% chance to avoid projectiles
Node 3: +200 health, +25 defensive ability
Node 4: Rumor (15% chance on attack) level 20 stats
Granted Skill: Rumor
4 second duration
97 cold damage
97 acid damage
-96 offensive ability
-23% cold resistance
-23% poison and acid resistance

Node 5: +25 defensive ability, 10% vitality resistance
Node 6: +50% cold damage, +50% acid damage, +4% defensive ability

Alladrah’s Phoenix
Requirement: 6 Eldritch, 6 Primordial, 3 Order
Reward: 2 Eldritch, 2 Ascendant
Node 1: +40% Aether damage, +40% Elemental damage
Node 2: +150 health, 12% chaos resistance
Node 3: +30% Aether damage, +30% elemental damage, increases health regeneration by 20%
Node 4: +5% crit damage, +50% fire damage, +100% burn damage
Node 5: Phoenix Fire (100% chance on critical attack) level 20 stats
Granted Skill: Phoenix Fire
12 second recharge
7 second duration
5 meter target area
128 damage absorption
92 fire damage
92 aether damage
232 burn damage over 2 seconds

Staff of Rattosh
Requirement: 6 Primordial, 3 Order, 3 Chaos
Reward: 2 Primordial, 2 Chaos
Node 1: +20 defensive ability
Pet bonus: +3% pet defensive ability
Node 2: 15% aether resistance
Pet bonus: 15% pet aether resistance
Node 3: +200 health
Pet bonus: +30% all pet damage
Node 4: +5% health, 10% vitality resistance
Pet bonus: 10% pet vitality resistance
Node 5: +50% aether damage
Pet bonus: +50% all pet damage
Node 6: 3% offensive ability
Pet bonus: +10% pet crit damage, +3% pet offensive ability

Tier 3 constellations:

Attak Seru, the Mirage
Requirement: 16 Ascendant, 14 Eldritch
Node 1: +80% Aether damage, +25 defensive ability
Node 2: +80% Elemental damage, +25 defensive ability
Node 3: 25% pierce resistance, 25% bleeding resistance
Node 4: +300 health, +3% defensive ability
Node 5: 12 elemental damage, +100% Aether damage, +100% Elemental damage
Node 6: Arcane Currents (15% chance on attack) level 15 stats
Granted Skill: Arcane Currents
1 second skill recharge
4 summon limit
Lives for 3 seconds
Arcane current attributes: 7448 health, 300 energy
Arcane current abilities: [INDENT]Surge
14 meter range
187 elemental damage
187 Aether damage

Rattosh, the Veilwarden
Requirement: 10 Eldrtich, 6 Chaos, 6 Order
Node 1: +150 health
Pet bonus: +8% pet health
Node 2: +80% vitality damage, +80% Aether damage
Pet bonus: +30% all pet damage
Node 3: +150% vitality decay, +250 health, +35 offensive ability
Node 4: +100% vitality damage, +100% Aether damage
Pet bonus: +100% pet vitality damage
Node 5: +250 health, 15% vitality resistance
Pet bonus: 15% pet vitality resistance
Node 6: Will of Rattosh (15% chance on attack) level 15 stats
Granted Skill: Will of Rattosh
8 second duration
125 vitality damage
145 aether damage
-20% vitality resistance
-8% life leech resistance

Ultos, Shepherd of Storms

Requirement: 6 Chaos, 10 Eldritch, 10 Primordial
Node 1: +80% cold damage, +25 offensive ability
Node 2: +80% lightning damage, +25 offensive ability
Node 3: +180 health, 15% chaos resistance
Node 4: +5% crit damage, +120% frostburn damage, +120% electrocute damage, +20 offensive ability
Node 5: 3-20 lightning damage, +100% cold damage, +100% lightning damage
Node 6: Hand of Ultos (100% chance on critical attack) level 15 stats
Granted Skill: Hand of Ultos
1.5 second recharge
Affects up to 10 targets
24% weapon damage
222-434 lightning damage
696 electrocute damage over 2 seconds
Stun target for 0.4 seconds
33% reduced target’s Elemental resistances for 3 seconds

Vire, the Stone Matron
Requirement: 18 Primordial, 12 Ascendant
Node 1: +150 health, +75 armor
Node 2: 10% aether resistance, 10% chaos resistance
Node 3: +4% health, +40 armor, +12% shield damage blocked
Node 4: +80% physical damage, +80% internal trauma damage, +3% cunning
Node 5: 4% physical resistance, 20% pierce resistance, 20% bleeding resistance
Node 6: Fist of Vire (20% chance when hit) level 15 stats
Granted Skill: Fist of Vire
1 second skill recharge
1 second duration
2.5 meter radius
40% weapon damage
245 physical damage
970 internal trauma damage over 5 seconds
Petrify target for 2 seconds

Ishtak, the Spring Maiden[/b]
Requirement: 10 Order, 15 Primordial
Node 1: +300 health, +300 energy
Node 2: +3% spirit, 25% fire resistance
Pet bonus: 25% pet fire resistance
Node 3: +4% total speed, 30% slow resistance
Pet bonus: +4% pet total speed
Node 4: +200 health, 20% bleeding resistance
Pet bonus: 20% pet bleeding resistance
Node 5: +200 health, 25% poison and acid resistance
Pet bonus: 25% pet poison and acid resistance
Node 6: Nature’s Guardians (100% chance at 50% health) level 15 stats
Granted Skill: Nature’s Guardians
20 second recharge
6 second duration
30% damage absorption
[INDENT]Pet bonus: Taunt target
+76 pet offensive ability
+50 pet defensive ability
+120 pet health regenerated per second
Increases pet armor by 60%[/INDENT]

Grim Tools has a search function at the bottom-right of the constellation screen which can search not only constellation names but keywords within each individual star. I believe it previously only had the capability to search constellation names.

However, this is great since many people like the Ctrl+F method of finding devotions that match their build.

Thanks for taking the time!

Thanks for posting the new constellations. I was looking for more info about them.

Good post. Murmur kinda blows every other tier two devotion (and some of the old tier-3 ones) out of the water. Cold and poison builds are going to be on the top because of that.

I am wondering if they buffed or going to buff old tier-3 devotions that noone uses because of their ineffectiveness (like Stone Form or Empyrion Fire or right nod in Abomination, even Spear of Heavens is a bit underwhelming).

I think most of the balance changes to old stuff was supposed to happen in, but I’ve heard lots of complaints about many tier 3 constellations. Blind Sage gets brought up quite a bit too.

I know that devotion abilities are scaling an additional 5 levels (which is reflected in the new constellations, but not the old ones yet), which should help make some of the old tier 3 ones stronger. Regardless, Empyrion is awkward because of the fire damage/pet theme on the opposite side of the other fire stuff, and the proc is a melee-range ability. It’s also the only tier 3 devotion that requires 7 devotion points invested before the ability becomes unlocked (six points is more typical). Stone form needs a buff and would be partially fixed by making it on hit instead of on block, but the nodes are decent. Abominable Might, like Light of Empyrion, is similarly awkward to use.

I don’t know much about Spear of the Heavens, but I’m personally not a fan of the Unknown Soldier proc. The living shadows die quickly to any boss with AoE (which is most of the stronger ones).

I’m playing with a guy right now who is using Living Shadow.

They might die fast but “during” leveling (we are 64 right now) entering a boss fight with triple Shadow (one from him 2 from the Shadow) usually translate to the boss being simply dead before any kind of fight start. And having 2 out just seem like normal at this point at worst he will have one out and getting into the fight the 2nd will spawn. Still haven’t seen how well it will work in late Ultimate but for now the Shadow are part of what make the build kill faster than anything else I have seen yet.

I know that devotion abilities are scaling an additional 5 levels (which is reflected in the new constellations, but not the old ones yet), which should help make some of the old tier 3 ones stronger.

Thanks, didn´t know that. :slight_smile:

The new constellations aren´t that interesting for my Bleeding Trickster but if my “old” ones get better they don´t have to.

I felt the same way about my retaliation Warder. Nothing new for him, but he does what he does pretty well, so 5 more levels of Stone Form will be pretty groovy.

Yes, I have 5 skills which can level and that will be enough (I hope).

Have to think if putting the new 5 points in Panther or Fox but there is enough time till the expansion is available.

Aether is everywhere, but there’s still no vitality+cold constellation. Also, I’m not fond of some constellations being improved versions of old ones. Unless you’re starving for affinity, I don’t see a reason to pick Scholar’s Light anymore now that Quill exists.

I’m actually quite excited about that because there appears to be a few ways to acquire both Attak Seru and Blind Sage. Elemental builds mostly lagged behind their one- or two-element counterparts, so beefing up their options makes me happy.

I’ve just opened my squishy TSS Druid to take a look what can be done with those extra 5 points and oh my…
Look at this devotion setup -
Whirpool+Elemrntal Seeker+Arcane Currents + 3 defensive procs. 3 Tier3 procs.
I will definitely try this. WIll be squishy as hell but…

P.S. Phoenix 128 absorbtion on level 20? Is this real? Seems TOO low. 300+ would mean business, 128 is almost nothing.

What are the stat of Blast Shield? 450? 300 7 seconds duration 12 second CD (no Health proc) would be amazingly strong.

The extra addition of more option to have 4 points spend for 6 Devotion will help a lot in getting to those far Devotion that did require two types. Getting to Leviathan or Howl used to be “spend everything to get there” now with 3 Devotion all giving 3/3 Purple/Green (Quill and Toad at 4 each and Falcon at 5) it is gonna make it incredibly easier to get to those kind of devotion.

Didn’t check enough yet to know if those kind of new option are available for other duo constellation.

The difference is rewarded affinity. Do you need 3 green and 3 purple, or 4 green? It could make the difference in certain setups.

And one point less it is 3 for 4 or 4 for 6.

Yeah, that too.

Blast shield is 800 damage absorption at lvl 12, more if you have it higher. For exemple if you Blast SHield at 17 it absorp 1275 damage. The thing is Blast Shield also have +5% to the cap resist… which means going from 80% to 85% resist is 25% less damage taken.

So 128 damage absorption from Pheonix Fire doesn’t seems much in comparaison but it’s also hard to tell how good it is. Blast Shield make you a god while Pheonix Fire might be enough to just make you tankier overall… but 128 seems low though.

Oh my mistake then I didn’t realise Blast Shield was that high. The “regular” amount to have it is usually at 12/12 so it make 800 Damage which make you a good.

Imagine if you could get 300 or 400 from a Devotion and have it up 60% of the times. It would be pretty damn massive. That 125 damages will end up being a nice bonus while not making you impossible to kill.

I wouldn’t say that. As I said Blast Shield on top of having a nice amount of damage absorption it also gives + 5% to the cap resistances… which means going from 80% to 85% is 25% less damage taken.

In the end 128 might be enough to feel worthwhile, only testers know for sure.