new ( expansion) trousers images in illusionist list

i was searching for a trousers that fit with a design i wanted in the illusionist and notice there are 3 new images of trousers that i dont have notice have ever drop to me. one “bismiel sect legguards” " solael-sect legguards" and “dregg-sect legguards” :slight_smile: Smells like some images ( no real pants drop) from the next expansion are already added in some archive and the illusionist have ampliated his repertoire. :slight_smile:

Those are the pants that drop from the Hidden Path Guardian bosses. They have been in the game for nearly two years.

not to mention that the illusionist only has items you found, not all items that are in the game, so even if the game already contained some FG items the illusionist would not have them…

Is that still true in the newest patch? The one that removed level requirements.

If you mean having to have the item in your inventory for it to appear in the Illusionist? Then yes, it’s still that way.