New forum look?

I noticed today that the forum has a slight colour change? at first I thought it was a monitor issue, but wondering if anyone else has noticed the darker red is places, on the index, the post count and thread name column, and number of posts in that forum.

I’m I going mad, or my monitor on the way out? or has the forum changed?

If it has changed, I can’t say I like the changes much, the red doesn’t make things easier to see, but harder, especailly when I don’t have great eyesight either.

as if it is the forum that has changed, can we please have a way to select the older style?

Wasn’t sure where to post this, sorry if its in the wrong section.

Can’t see any change myself. Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? I can be notoriously unobservant sometimes. :eek:

It was my monitor, or should I say the HDMI cable, I tested a NowTV box (crap thing wouldn’t work) I switched the HDMI cables between my monitor and my TV, in case it was a cable issue. when I tried to play netflix, I was constantly getting HDCP errors (and this seems to plague the new black versions of the box)

Anyway, I didn’t put in the cable all the way in, on my monitor, fixed now, and the forum looks fine.

This thread can be closed now.

Whew! That’s a relief. :smiley: Considering the problems Crate had when they tried to update the version of vBulletin a few years’ back I’d hope they wouldn’t fiddle around too much with the forum.

That goes for me as well, Already having to play a lot for a new smart TV, I didn’t want to play another hundred or so for a new monitor either.

Anyway, its fixed now.

Edit, while on the subject, I recently got a NowTV box, (didn’t get the flash drive type versions, as my old TV didn’t have a usb port. anyway, as long as you have a HDMI socket on the TV, you should be good to go. but what a bloody headache.

Netflix and BBC Iplayer refused to work due to the above mentioned HDCP error, which is basically an anti privacy measure. Online, the solutions include, test a new monitor, remove all cables and wait, (then reconnect everything) )hence switching cables between the TV and the computer monitor) No joy.

Using my computer, I can play netflix stuff, (one of the main reasons why I wanted a smart TV or box) so nothing wrong with the cables, the monitor / TV. but that leads to one suspect. The box itself.

Looking online, there seems to be a lot of complaints about the new box (black) and the older white version (doesn’t include netflix)doesn’t have this issue. Also seems that a recent firmware update also made a lot of older TVs incompatible. So long story short, anyone in the UK looking to get hold of a way to convert a TV into a smart TV, forgot the nowTV box, piece of crap.

Though I imagine the forum will see a new theme when Forgotten God’s releases?.. Which is what I’d assumed this thread topic was about :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe. We wait to see about that as well. :smiley:

I thought the same. :smiley:

Or better yet, rotate (randomly) between the Vanilla, AoM and FG background like the new expansion’s loading screens. :cool: