New GD Player -- recommendations on a class and keybindings

Hey Folks

As the title states, just got GD on steam during the sale and so far it has been a blast. Been awhlie since I have done a hack n slash type game ( Torchlight 2 was last game), but I really like the depth that the game has with dual classes. Reall adds a huge element to the game.

That said, wanted to ask a few things

First, good class to start with. As I get back into the swing of things, wanted to start out with a fun class, but not a dull class. not partial to any type (melee, ranged, magic etc.) but just something to get me going.

Second, key bindings. Suggestions on how to set this up? Looks like there is the potential for a LOT of skills/spells/actions, so how do folks get that setup?

Thanks for the help folks. Much appreciated.



Soldier is a pretty beginner friendly class to start out with. You can pair it with a mastery of your choice later.

Welcome to GD :smiley:


Healing potion on space, mana potion on v, skills on awsderfc23 (3 is also healing potion - to see cooldown) and mouse, switch skill bars on ctrl, switch weapons on q, inventory, map and mastery windows on x, tab and z.

I think any combination of masteries has an equal potential for dullness and intellectuality depending on a specific skill set.

I use 1,2,3,4,q,e,r,t for skills, Mouse button 1 for HP pot and mouse 2 for mana pot. Force move on W, force stand still on Space and change bar on shift. Works wonders for me ^^,
and when i dont have mouse button 1 and 2 i use A and D for hp and mana pot

I use `123456 m4 m5 space for my bindings, then put all my buffs and such on the second bar you get by pressing Y. I leave health/energy potions on r and e, and pretty much everything else is default too.