New Joke Maps

I found all new joke maps
And I’d like to show u something

This map is VERY long and have a little bag - no mutators bar (but they are)

This map is too short



the one filled with mines,
the giant aetherial sentinel level,
the levers level,
and the fake reward chests level

The First one is Epic, besides the Track(how is it called actually?) it’s an amazing reference for

Diablo’s Cowlevel

Sadly the monster density of that cow level is just too low, it would be even more fun to play if the density is increased by like +300% :laughing: Though my memory is maybe exaggerating the monster density of original cow level, haven’t played vanilla diablo 2 for years.

BTW the mutators in that level not only don’t display but also I think are completely turned off, because once I got a -HP% mutator and when I got into that level the max HP went back to normal.

mutators in this level WORK fine
they only not show
see video carefully

or maybe self mutators are off
but enemy mutators work fine

I see, so you got poisoned by all enemies which means that the poisoned mutator actually worked. Maybe I remember wrongly, I’ll try to make screenshots or something when I get into that level again.

Btw, is there anything to know about the level with the levers? I always randomly press them and the result seems to be the same every time?

You forgot the one with gazers.

No Comments :grin:

The 3 levers you pick impact which minions spawn. I know, I hoped for a secret within it or something bigger.

I think generally the secret floors aren’t meant to all be even, and the “short ones” are like lucky time savers for runs.