New Mastery: Demon Hunter (D3)

The Demonhunter’s OP days is coming to an end today. No more “Nuclear Rains” (Sorry for the huge mistake on Rain of Vengeance tho’). Reworks on SB/Multishot/, Elemental Strike, Hungering Shot, and Rain of Vengeance, obviously. Passives nerfed. Shadow Power and its passives nerfed too. I am afraid this mastery becoming too weak after the update. I’ve been playing GD for a long time, i’m sick of it, so I don’t have too much pacience to test all the changes. I’m gonna need your feedback, guys. Sorry for the bad first impression :frowning: I hope the next update make this mastery enjoyable.

I don’t even know why you nerf it. I played it, it’s amazing. Why is it bad when it feels OP? This is not Path of Exile where you get an advantage above other players. Honestly - You should not focus on nerfing things, since everything works and feels powerful - You should focus on combining your amazing mastery with other stuff.

The Mod is amazing, but in the end - boring. It doesn’t do anything without Mods that somehow enhance the gameplay even further. Combine your Mod with Stasher - Grimmest - Omega. Stuff like that? Give it the oppertunity to shine in that ones. If you nerf it, it is less fun, I suppose. And for what?

This is just my opinion. Thanks for the mastery anyway.


This may come as a shock to you, but some people (including modders) prefer to play with balanced content when possible. Fun is, after all, subjective.

If I think about DAIL, it is not even close to balance. I mean what the hell is Terror Knight? If you wanna play the Hardmode Version of DAIL you basically ONLY can choose Terror Knight in combination with Shaman/Fangshi. The Demon Hunter as it stands right now has the same Powerlevel, I suppose. If he nerfs it now, yeah. Everyone would still choose Terror Knight in DAIL. #balancedcontent

Do not worry, burnout happens to all of us from time to time. As long as you are responsive here, we can test and provide feedback.

Here you are wrong, you made a great first impression. Now the goal is to get to this same power level but with an adequate point investment.

(As you know, I would also like to see it with Grimmest…now I am hoping you did not nerf it too hard. :D:p;) )

Well, I don’t know how to merge it with other mods. I’m gonna need some help on it. Also I’ll make the editable version available for download. Can someone merge it if I make it available for editing?

Not a correct comparison at all, because DAIL is a compilation, Davood doesn’t make any of the masteries himself. And just because some other modded masteries are OP in comparison to the base game doesn’t mean all of them should be. Hell, Terror Knight is intentionally strong (though maybe unintentionally a bit too strong) because the Zenith mod it’s from is going to have stronger enemies as well. It’s simply a different design philosophy.

If you mean post the source, well, I bet Davood has already replied. Just make sure you check out DAIL and give him the green light to “assimilate” your work.

Otherwise, Grimmest has source available and you just put all those records into the same mod folder with your mod and build it with Assetmanager, there should not be any records shared between the mods, if there is, keep your version. For Stasher, I do not know, never looked at it, I prefer to leave crap on the ground. :o

Update 1 available for download, guys. Cross your fingers and try it out.

I don’t know, I’ve cleared Hardmode Grimmest with two classes with Reflect being the only danger. Elementalist + Fangshi and Ranger + Fangshi, both of which are only using 1 T6 gear set (The armor set) and has no relic/medal/augments. As it stands, I still have a lot to experiment on and been trying to find better class combinations without the use of Fangshi and am determined to stay away from Terror Knight (have yet to touch him) until the appropriate content comes if people say it is as OP.

Also, I think Zenith content is supposed to be much harder than base vanilla that’s why Ceno’s Terror Knight is overtuned for the main campaign.

Going back to the topic. TC did an amazing job on the Demon Hunter! Any plans on releasing items for it?

I didn’t mean -total damage as that still isn’t anything significant I it’s easy to offset because it’s additive. What I meant was Total Damage Modified which is multiplicative and impossible to offset.
Have a look at skills like Maiven’s SPhere and Tremor for the modifier I’m talking about

We are still stuck with 30 mastery cap atm :frowning:

@grimer. I recommend you dont use classXX for the mastery name. because it will conflict with something . its best to have a completely custom name for the mastery.

that way there is only a few places where the .dbr have to be changed for it to work

masteryenumeration (“class training???”.dbr)
and the player*.dbr files where the masteries are listed

best part of this is when merging properly setup masteries like that. mergers only need to worry about the master enumeration after the first merge is done.

hello Grimer,

I love your mastery thanks for bringing it along to GD.
i hope this will be added to DAIL next update. :v

I disagree. I tested it at arkovian undercity lvl 26. SB and Multishot 16/16…it wasn’t OP like before. I took about 5-7 minutes to kill Kilrian (lvl 29) and all his mobs. I guess it will become OP lvl 35+, but this was my intention.

That’s what I was looking for. Thanks! Download link updated with this change.

Hello Grimer,

Thanks for the update and the renaming of the txt file.

But it does not work!

The game with translation accepted only the file with the name “Class07Tags.txt”, otherwise there are tagnotfound errors!?

Have you “built” the update with the new name?

Sorry, i realized that. I’ll post it for download with unique classname on dbr files and txt file as well.

I just released the Update 2 with this fix. Hope I did everything right.

Thank you for making the unique version for localization. However, I think that it is not necessary to change skill ID in a text. It is because only building by an MOD text name is required for localization.

And if skill ID in the text is not changed, a new version is compatible with old one. That is, a character does not lose the skill points and does not need to make two kinds of versions.

Nice nice nice. Really good job you did here.