new mode idea

so last week end i spent some time playing the races on path of exile and i just love the endless ledge mode.
self contained, self found, just go till you fall and make a build out of what drops.

then i loaded up grim dawn and thought “hey, can i do that with crucible?”
i mean, the patch notes did mention a body drop for new characters.
and i quickly found there’s no way to get bags or devotion points while staying in crucible mode only.

so here’s my idea.
you start a new character exclusively for this mode, in normal, vetran and/or hardcore.
it runs with a string of “relatively” linear maps with no town. no fixed venders.
each map has one major boss 3/4 of the way through.
devotion shrines placed every X maps.
extra bags after certain maps.
possibly single use vender (respec, smith,ect) spawn items in the loot pools. but no shared stash access.
after a certain number of maps the game warns you that it’s switching up to the next difficulty.

i find it refreshing to goto a keep only what you need mentality from the main game’s keep and sell almost everything mentality.
so i hope this idea will get some consideration because i dought i’ll ever see it in path of exile beyond the “show up on time or miss out” races.

Endless DGA may provide a similar play experience. An update is due out soon.

Also, there’s Grim Dawn: Eternal. It’s a precrucible wave event mod and it does offer bags, devotion points, etc.

found the mod i the DAIL pack.
it’s just what i was looking for.