New news bets now being taken

Figured we could have some fun while we wait for Med to toss us some more breadcrumbs on any of these new projects they’re working on.
So going to take bets on when the next crumb is dropped and when the city builder is gonna be released.
Buy in is a virtual High 5 to the winner.

I reckon the next breadcrumb will be on the 1 July 2020 (Hey I’m optimistic)
And the game will be released on the 25 Feb 2021 (5 years to the day after GD)

Who’s in? Please don’t make me have to high 5 myself, that’s just sad :stuck_out_tongue:

Next news - probably on my birthday again when I have to beg/request some more info from him like I did last year.

Release date - odds are too long sadly. Of course if he wants to release it as a birthday present to me then :birthday: :grava_yes: Best present ever!

Would love to say we’ll have a release date long before then, but we’ve had nothing since the bear picnic screenshot was posted back in February.

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