New NPC: The Cartographer

Greetings, I wanted to share (again) my idea about this NPC. Why do I think it is necessary? Well, after creating a few characters (about 12 actually), one thing I do with each of them is to explore the whole map, it’s one thing I’ve always done in this genre of games. There are other games where the map is generated in each game and I don’t see it necessary, but in Grim Dawn it isn’t. I do this with each character and on each difficulty, adding up with all the characters takes a lot of time spent.

The idea was the introduction of a new NPC through, for example, some missions, such as helping you get data for your study. This new NPC would belong to the “Cartographers” society. The ultimate goal of this would be the collection of data for the creation of maps to help Grim Dawn survivors in their battle against the Aetherials and Chthonians.

By completing the different missions of this NPC you have as a reward the total exploration of a part of the game (for example acts). With this system we would not have to explore the entire map three times with each character.

Another point, referring to the original map, I think it is more attractive to divide the maps according to the acts and with a different aesthetic more similar to a hand-drawn map. Like this:

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I may not be understanding your idea because this sounds exactly like what Merits do for Normal and Elite.

Yes, you don’t understand his request. He wants to have the map explored, not only the waypoints.
All in all, I am not sure, though I suppose the ‘hidden’ areas stay hidden regardless, right? In that case it should be fine. Not that it is really needed, but some people may have a tendency for perfectionism…

So he wants fog of war to be removed and all map revealed. Ok but why you need it to do on each difficulty? Explore full map at Normal (Vetaran) then there’s no need to do that.

Ah, okay now that I understand. Yeah, I definitely don’t see the ‘need’ for it so this would most likely be way down on the list of things for Crate to want to add. But I might be very much in the minority and this would be something a lot of people might like.

como una opción más no estaría nada mal, si no quieres explorar pagas y lo tienes y sino a explorar, estaría bien que lo tengan en cuenta!

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You can copy the fov file from one char / difficulty to another :wink:

theoretically, it could even be expanded later on. Say, you have hidden areas, and if you explore these, you get a reward (for example, completely mapping specific dungeons or similar)